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Queer Corner Quickies

Check here every week for a quick rundown of the latest queer happenings…

Queer Corner Quickie – August 6, 2011: NOM, Ghana, NPR, Pink Triangles, Kathy Griffin, Ben Cohen, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Perez Hilton, Darryl Stephens

Queer Corner Quickie – July 30, 2011: Dolly Parton, Queer History Museum, Baltimore Orioles, Rachel Maddow, ‘Twilight’

Queer Corner Quickie – July 23, 2011: Patrik Ian-Polk, Ghana, GOProud, Darren Criss, Daniel Radcliffe, RuPaul, DOMA, DADT

Queer Corner Quickie – July 15, 2011: Bachmann drama, Daniel Tosh, Newsweek fail, Big Brother 13, DOMA, Michael Irvin

Queer Corner Quickie – July 8, 2011: DADT officially dead, California, Marcus Bachmann, Bono v. Coulter, Fred Karger, Batman Live  

Queer Corner Quickie – July 1, 2011: Cory Monteith, Rhode Island, Lil B, Dolly Parton, Red Sox, Brett Lockett

Queer Corner Quickie – June 25, 2011: Kylie Minogue, NY victory, Glitterati, Rise Against, Chicago Cubs, Raja

Queer Corner Quickie – June 17, 2011: Prop 8, Gay Marriage in New York, David Tyree, Eddie Long, ‘The Bus,’ Lady Gaga

Queer Corner Quickie – June 10, 2011: The Mini Warbler, Tracy Morgan, AARP, Ann Coulter, Modern Family, Gay Christmas

Queer Corner Quickie – June 3, 2011: Old Navy, Ewen McGregor, Daniel Tosh, Cory Monteith, Wanda Sykes, Disney’s Gay Day

Queer Corner Quickie – May 27, 2011: 30 Years of AIDS, Eddie Long, Grindr, Lady Gaga, Fleet Week

Queer Corner Quickie – May 20, 2011: Don Lemon, AIDS cure, Don’t Say Gay Bill, Patrick-Ian Polk, Taylor Swift, Ben Cohen

Queer Corner Quickie – May 13, 2011: Presbyterians, American Idol vs. The Voice, Chris Crocker, Ricky Martin, FCKH8

Queer Corner Quickie – April 29, 2011: NBC, Donald Trump, Michael Bloomberg, Atlanta Braves, Cary Grant

Queer Corner Quickie – April 22, 2011: Amazing Grace, Glee, DOMA, Lil B, Malcolm X, Kobe Bryant

Queer Corner Quickie – April 15, 2011: Day of Silence v. Day of Dialogue, Apple, The Bully Porject, gay caveman, J.Crew ad

Queer Corner Quickie – April 8, 2011: Ireland’s viral anti-gay bullying vid, Lisa Ling, Lady Gaga, 50 Cent, gay Ugandans documentary, progress in Delaware

Queer Corner Quickie – April 1, 2011: Freaky Boiz, ENDA, Ghandi, Nate Phelps, Nick Youngquest

Queer Corner Quickie – March 25, 2011: Ex-gay iPhone app, It Gets Better, Kill the Gays Bill, more DOMA updates, Broadway (male) Beauty Pageant

Queer Corner Quickie – March 18, 2011: Family Acceptance Project, Dan Savage, DOMA, no gays allowed on St. Patty’s Day, that Glee kiss

Queer Corner Quickie – March 11, 2011: Sassy Gay Friend, Obama on bullying, Chaz Bono, gay soldiers PDA, Rafael Nadal

Queer Corner Quickie – March 4, 2011: Russell Simmons, Bryan Safi on DOMA, Belgium miracle, Lady Gaga and Elton John

Queer Corner Quickie – Feb. 25, 2011: Will Philips, DOMA, Gay Super Bowl, Darren Criss, Montana hate update

Queer Corner Quickie – Feb. 18, 2011: Lady Gaga, Zach Wahls, Bryan Safi, Valentine’s Day

Queer Corner Quickie – Feb. 11, 2011: Gay Doritos hunk, Egypt, Uganda, Kathy Griffin, Chick-fil-A

Queer Corner Quickie – Feb. 4, 2011: Zack Wahls, RuPaul, Oprah, Perez Hilton, more gay marriage haters

Queer Corner Quickie – Jan. 28, 2011: David Kato, gay Doritos ads, Dan Choi, Keith Olbermann, Cher


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  1. Susan Saltzburg said:

    Would like to be on the listserve for Queer Corner

    • Hey Susan!

      Unfortunately Queer Corner doesn’t have a listserve. But please add to your Bookmarks and continue to check back for updated articles on the LGBT community.

      Thanks for reading,

      Dwayne Steward
      Managing Editor

    • Hey Susan,

      I just realized that even though there’s no Queer Corner listserve there is a way you can subscribe to the site. Just post a comment and click next to “Notify Me Of New Posts Via Email.” That way you’ll automatically be contacted whenever new content is posted to the site. Thanks again for reading 🙂


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