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About the Author

Hello! I’m D.A. Steward, Queer Corner’s creator and managing editor. I’m a journalist by trade who happens to love all things entertainment, but I also have a huge interest in queer politics.

A short bio…
Dwayne Steward is a nationally recognized blogger, freelance writer/editor, inspirational speaker and human-rights activist. He runs the popular LGBT news blog and is co-host of Queer Minded, an online radio show hosted at He also was published in the New York Times Bestseller “It Gets Better: Coming Out, Overcoming Bullying and Creating a Life Worth Living” edited by Dan Savage and Terry Miller. A trained journalist with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from Ohio University’s E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, he’s written for several publications, including The News Journal (Wilmington, Del.), The Poynter Institute and Newsday. He’s also the former Associate Producer and Theater Critic for He’s made a name for himself in the Midwest as a prominent voice in the theater community, which he’s parlayed into his involvement as a consultant/critic for the Theatre Roundtable of Central Ohio. As a founding member of SHADES, he helped pave the way of acceptance and support for gay people of color while attending Ohio University. And today he continues to fight for the cause by speaking about the devastating effects of anti-gay bullying at high schools and universities around the country.  He also works full-time as the HIV Testing Coordinator for the AIDS Resource Center Ohio’s Greater Columbus Mpowerment Center, an organization dedicated to reducing new HIV infections in the same-gender-loving black and Latino male community.You can find out more at

Why Queer Corner…
I started Queer Corner for two reasons.

  1. Ever since I came out and started dedicating my time as a gay rights activist, I noticed that many of my straight family and friends are often unaware of the major strides that are taking place in gay rights movement. Or why they should care. It makes sense. I’m often blithely unaware of the details of the conflicts in Uganda or the tensions in South Korea until someone breaks in down for me in lay man’s terms. We don’t always look for the news that we don’t think affects us. I wanted to start a site that reports on the gay news of today, while making it relateable to our straight counterparts.
  2. When a 17-year-old tells you they don’t know who Matthew Shepard is, there’s a problem. With Queer Corner I also want to make queer news more accessible and understandable to the “Facebook generation” or those who may not use CNN as their Home page.

The bottom line…
I’m not completely delusional. I realize there are sites out there that provide daily gay-centric news and do it faster and better, but here at Queer Corner you won’t be bombarded with information, but only the gay news that matters. Hopefully this site will help give you something to talk about with you gay sister/friend/co-worker who you never thought you had anything in common with. Or at the very least, my friends (who I’ll force to read the site everyday) won ‘t have to just stare blankly next time I’m rambling about the Defense of Marriage Act or the latest queer film during happy hour.


Comments on: "About the Author" (7)

  1. Sahadeo Ramharrack said:

    Thank you for doing this.

  2. This is phenomenal! I applaud you for your courage and your strength. God bless you!

  3. Go back into the nearest closet and shut the door, take your sick lifestyle with you and the world is ah better place ! Read what God said about it and what happened to cities that did come out of the closet ! Its an abomination, look that up and understand the meaning?

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