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The Other Side: LGBTQ Youth of Color – Are the stats telling the whole story?

I’ve been commissioned by Outlook Columbus, Central Ohio’s premiere lgbt publication, to write a new monthly column titled “The Other Side” that will offer stories and detailed analysis about the plights faced by gay people of color. I’ll be posting an excerpt from the story here each month with a link to the full story on Outlook’s Web site. Please support those who support us! 

Take a quick look at any set of statistics studying LGBTQ youth (ages 16-24) who are persons of color, and you’ll typically get a pretty bleak picture. Black and Latino LGBTQ youth consistently report having the highest HIV infection rates, the highest suicide rates and represent a majority of America’s homeless youth population.

According to the numbers, if you’re young, gay and of color, you don’t stand a chance. But as we know, statistics breed stereotypes and we must remember that this isn’t everyone’s story…

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