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Quick-cap: McKinley High is all in a tizzy as the opening of “West Side Story” story approaches. Director Artie spends the episode playing matchmaker, telling WWS leads Rachel and Blaine they need to loose their virginity to help their acting, and fixing Coach Beiste up with an Ohio State University recruiter. Meanwhile Mike’s father returns and disowns him for being in the school musical (what???). Rachel and Finn go through a botched first time attempt, but then find their mojo oddly right after Finn discovers he wasn’t recruited to OSU. Blaine visits Dalton and is hit on by newly transferred Sebastian, who invites him and Kurt to a gay bar. Cue cute exchange with an mostly absent Karofsky and Kurt/Blaine’s own first time debacle. Like Rachel and Finn, Kurt and Blaine find their mojo after opening night and decide to skip the cast party.

And that’s what you missed on…”Glee.”

Fave moment: This may have been the best written episode of “Glee” to date. I loved how they inter-cut much of the show with scene from WWS. I have to admit I was concerned when they started off with Artie being the reason Blaine and Rachel wanted to loose their virginity, but the writers turned it around. And I’m pretty sure this is the first high school gay love-triangle and definitely the first high school gay love scene in prime time. I loved the moment when Kurt runs into Karofsky, the writers captured it perfectly and it was a great way to wrap up Karofsky’s story line.

Annoying moment: This episode was pretty flawless to me, though I do wish there was more of the Karofsky/Kurt interchange. If you beg to differ please sound off in the comments. 😉

Fave quote: Karofsky: “I’m what they call a Bear Cub.” Kurt: “Because you look like Yogi?”

Fave song: Blaine and Rachel did a pretty stunning version of “Tonight” and Santana was AMAZING as Anita during “A Boy Like That” and “America,” the girl took my breath away.

You can watch full episodes of “Glee” here.

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  1. I wanna suck Karofsky’s fat juicy bear cock!!!!!!!!!

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