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David Emerson (left) with a fellow protester outside Delaware Christian School

Last week it hit the news-waves that an out and proud Columbus DJ at Rewind 103.5/104.3 was removed from the Delaware Christian School’s alumni page on their Web site because it was “discovered” that his Facebook page listed him as gay.

David Emerson is a 2002 graduate of DCS and had been profiled on their alumni page for years, applauding him for is accomplishments in radio. It wasn’t until this past April that they pulled Emerson’s profile. And when Emerson found out last week he thankfully didn’t take the news lightly and took action.

He was interview by local Columbus affiliates Fox28/ABC6 and NBC4 about the travesty. The gay blogosphere has also picked up the story at Towleroad and Lez Get Real among others.

Emerson told ABC that when he called the school and spoke to DCS Principal Gordon McDonald, he simply responded with, “you are a gross and immoral representation of my school.” And when NBC spoke with McDonald directly he had this to say:

“David Emerson is a fine young man of whom I think very highly. I am very proud of his professional accomplishments. I regret the deep differences that have occurred. However, speaking for Delaware Christian School I cannot approve of the lifestyle that he has chosen to endorse as posted for public viewing on his Facebook site. Based on David’s posting last April I removed David’s photo and comments from our alumni website. He has publicly chosen to identify himself with a lifestyle that is not in keeping with the biblical belief taught at Delaware Christian. I respect his right to choose and live out his belief but do not want to convey the message that I approve that lifestyle.”

It’s become obvious to me that Mr. McDonald is more of a “gross and immoral reprsenation” of the school than Emerson could ever be. When did it become O.K. for school principals (be it at public or private schools) to condone hate?

Emerson held a protest at the school on Friday, calling for the principal to reinstate his profile on the site. (The photo above in from said protest.) Oh, how, I wish I could have been there.

Many of you may not know this, but I also attended Delaware Christian School. It was during my 7th and 8th grade years. And it was by far the worst two years of my K-12 experience. As a student there I was relentlessly bullied for being “feminine,” and when I told the administration it was suggested that I change my “gay actions” if I wanted the bullying to stop. The bullies were never punished. If it weren’t for my transferring to another school I’m not sure I would have survived the hate.

My experiences at DCS are actually the memories I reference most, as examples of the hate I experienced growing up, when I’m writing or speaking out against anti-gay bullying on behalf of the It Gets Better Project.

It is principals like Mr. McDonald who run schools under this type of bigotry who are causing gay youth to kill themselves. His ludicrous actions are basically teaching his students that disregarding those who are different is a principle to live by. Ultimately, the school is producing bigots and standardizing hate. Is this really the type of administrator we want running a school?


Comments on: "Ohio Queers: Delaware Christian School shuns gay alum; response from another gay former student" (16)

  1. Anonymous said:

    I am also graduated from DCS. It was a really tough environment. If you do not fit the mold that they have created then you are NOT a good person. I wish that everyone was open minded enough to accept anyone and everyone for who they are. Thank you for sharing.
    Chelsea Carson (Ahlteen)

    • I completely agree. The views at that school are ridiculously backwards. Jesus taught us to love and embrace our neighbor, not to shun them when we think they’ve done “wrong.” Thanks for reading Chelsea 🙂

  2. If that had been me that lived there..and had to attend that school and I was bullied because of being different due to my cp or being gay..believe me..I’d make sure that principle had lost their job

    • Unfortunately some of us weren’t strong enough as high school kids to fight that battle, but I agree, principal’s like this need to be fired. Thanks for reading D 🙂

      • Again. A Christian school. If you do not follow the Word of God then why all the fuss? Let it go. can’t pick and chose what God says according to what your heart desires. God loves all people but hates sin. God is the one who tells us what sin is. Not principals. So be angry with God then.

    • Have you read the Bible? It also says adulterers should be stoned, those who eat shrimp should be put to death and women who are not virgins at marriage should also be killed. Are you yourself not also picking and choosing when you follow the “gay is an abomination” scripture and not the others? I follow the only two commandants left by Jesus himself, Love thy neighbor and love God. Those are the true beliefs of a Christian, and the beliefs that should be followed by a Christian school.

  3. […] a local principal publicly and proudly removes an alumni from the school’s Web site because their gay or a school’s first response to a viscous beating of a gay student is […]

  4. […] a local principal publicly and proudly removes an alumni from the school’s Web site because their gay or a school’s first response to a viscous beating of a gay student is […]

  5. Boy, you are ignorant. It is a Christian school! If you don’t want to be associated with the Christian beliefs then why be so offended that they don’t want to be associated with homosexuals?

    • Are you saying that gays can’t be Christian??? I am gay and I’m a Christian. And the Christian belief is supposed to be one of love NOT hate. And DCS is practicing hate. And, by the way, thanks for reading 🙂

      • How is it practicing hate? David is posting a lifestyle that spouses the Word of God. No one said “hate” the gay community. We just don’t have to agree, endorse or be “politically correct” in the attempt to go under the radar. Who is being discriminated against now? Toleration has nothing to do with accepting another persons beliefs or lifestyle choices. Toleration is being able to co-exist despite the differences. Doesn’t mean that the school should ignore it’s principles. Who could respect that?

      • No, you can be a Christian and gay. But, if you are a gay Christian, then you know what God says about homosexuality. He us very clear. He loves the sinner but not the sin. Same goes for all our sins. But, Christian brother or sister, do we not all have temptations we must ask for His help with? Please read the Bible. We are not under attack. We must not hold on to our fleshly desires above His Word.

  6. David-
    Your sign needs corrected. It should read “I’m a ’02 grad”. Not “I’m an ’02 grad”. If you are going public please try to look abbot more literate.

  7. apfairytale said:

    Anonymous: Why don’t you stand behind your comments and put your name on them? You want to talk about so-called Christian values….what you mean is YOUR OPINION of what the Bible means….Christians should practice social justice which means standing up for people who are discriminated against.

    And no, Grammar Queen, his sign is right. When you say ’02 is starts with a vowel (“o”) which means “an” is the appropriate usage. How about you try to look literate and how about you try to have some integrity by putting your name on your hateful comments. Stop hiding behind this anonymous crap. Stand up for true Christian values of social justice. And no, I’m not a Christian, so you can’t throw your book at me. It also means that I won’t be burning in your hell.

    As for your book, the story of Sodom and Gomorrah is not as clear cut as you would like to claim. For one thing, a person reading the Bible cannot even decipher whether God is saying that laying with someone of the same sex is the sin or if the sin is NOT HELPING THE PEOPLE OF THAT TOWN WHO NEEDED HELP. Hmm. Try again. And how about that sexuality is only mentioned a handful of times, but helping the poor, not being greedy– those are values that are mentioned hundreds if not thousands of times. What’s more important to your God, do you think?

    Whether Delaware Christian School likes it or not, the school has gay students in it RIGHT NOW. Silencing the voice of one of its star students, instead of using him as an example of life getting better (stopping the bullying!) is a cop-out and school administrators need to support all of their students no matter what their supposed “lifestyle” is. And if this administrator knew anything about research on gay people, he would know that you don’t choose to be gay; therefore, it is not a lifestyle, but a person’s embodiment. Silencing the voice of one gay student is no different than telling all students that if they are gay, they, too, will be silenced and erased. I stand with David.

  8. How did the protest go? Didn’t hear anything in news or blogs?

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