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For National Coming Out Day yesterday MTV aired “Coming Out” an hour-long documentary featuring the coming out process of two very different lgbt individuals, one of them was Nevin Heard, a 20-year-old All-Star athlete from Cincinnati, Ohio.

The documentary follows Nevin as he builds the courage to come out to his teammates on the Ohio State Rugby team. After doing so the team completely accepts him and one of the players who speaks up up for him initially is an ex-military service member. Though not the first time such moments have been caught on film, it’s definitely a powerful moment that reminds us there are many out there who still struggle with the courage to be themselves.

Here’s a synopsis of the documentary from

“Coming Out” is a one hour documentary special that weaves together the personal journeys of Rachael, a 21 year-old lesbian living in Sacramento, CA, coming out to her estranged father; and Nevin, a 20 year-old African American collegiate all star athlete in Ohio, coming out to his college rugby team.

The special reveals the anxiety, pain, and exhilaration of the coming out process as Rachael and Nevin proudly stand up for who they are, even if it ultimately puts those relationships in jeopardy.

Click here to see a clip from the special featuring the moment when Nevin comes out to his rugby team.

I found Nevin’s audition for the special on YouTube. It definitely shows a funnier/truer side of him that we don’t get to see on the special, and it features other members of his family as well as his ex-girlfriend. Check it out below:


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