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A bisexual female and a straight man from Ohio ran off to Niagara Falls to get married to send a message about gay marriage, and the media has taken notice. 10tv covered the couple’s story and the fight for marriage equality. Also featured in their report is a brief appearance by Brandon Monson from Equality Ohio. Check out the full story from 10tv below.

From (click link for video):

A couple spoke out on Friday about their decision to marry far away from home.

Tabitha Woodruff said she came to a conclusion after three dates with Brian Davis, 10TV’s Jessa Goddard reported.

“We went on our third date and afterwards I told him, ‘I want to marry you,’” said Woodruff.

While Woodruff and Davis’ romance has all the makings of a good old fashioned love story, it comes with a modern twist, Goddard reported.

“I’m bisexual, so I’ve dated both men and women,” said Woodruff. “It’s always a little nerve-wracking because my family doesn’t really approve of the LGBT community at all, and the state of Ohio doesn’t either.”

In a show of solidarity with their friends in the LGBT community, Woodruff and Davis decided to take their special day, and their money, to Niagra Falls, N.Y., where same-sex marriages are legal, Goddard reported.

Woodruff and Davis said they know their trip down the aisle will be untraditional, Goddard reported.

“We’re hoping that this small gesture, symbolic gesture, may encourage the state to consider those kinds of issues,” said Woodruff. “Because our money is going somewhere else.”

Ohio’s constitutional amendment, passed by a ballot initiative in November 2004, prohibits same sex marriage and does not recognize same sex marriages from other states.


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