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Glee’s back! Yay!

Well, sort of. The season three premiere of “Glee” was mostly a shop keeping episode. The writers have been telling the press all summer that this season is all about getting “back to the basics,” which they stayed true to. This episode was all about the characters. But it just felt like variations on the same theme to me.

Quick-cap: The New Directions are down three and need to recruit (again). Sam’s family moved because his dad got a job out of state. Zizes wants to be cool again. And Quinn is in the midst of an existential crisis (again). So Mr. Shu puts pianos around school so the kids can burst into random song and advertise the club to the school (again). Speaking of Mr. Shu, he and Emma are back together (again), and living together this time. Sue is running for Congress and is out to destroy the Glee Club (again) and she decides her platform will be to cut arts education at all schools in Ohio. In response, Mr. Shu glitter bombs Sue (something this dude should be getting royalties for). Shu also gets up the nerve to reject an audition, a tone-deaf student named Sugar, with a sharp (Brittany like) wit and self-diagnosed Aspergers. Santana’s doing Sue’s bidding (again), but this time it gets her kicked out of Glee Club. Kurt and Rachel are now friends (that’s new) and trying to get into the same arts college in New York. They visit a group of super talents who are also applying (led by “The Glee Project” finalist Lindsay Pearce). They cry over it, then persevere. Blaine is back and decides to switch schools for Kurt. And after Sue, a food fight and a fire destroy the donated pianos, the New Directions sing their troubles away with a big closing number (again) using “Hairspray’s” “You Can’t Stop the Beat.”

And that’s what you missed on…GLEE.

Fave moment: Blaine transferring to McKinley. That scene in the hallway when Blaine tells Kurt was too cute.

Annoying moment: Santana going back to “work” for Sue. I don’t understand why that was necessary. I love the bitchy part of her character, but if this means we’re not going to hear as much of Naya Rivera’s voice I’m not going to be happy.

Fave quote: “I’ve put plastic on your chair, so feel free to wet yourself with excitement.” ~Sue Sylvester

Fave song: It’s cliche, but I loved the “Hairspray” number. I liked how they changed the arrangement and started off slow before kicking it up in chorus, and Mercedes is awesome, per usual. I also loved Blaine’s swoon-worthy “It’s Not Unusual,” but I may have been slightly blinded by lust.

You can watch full episodes of Glee here.


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