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As planned, the local branch of GetEQUAL hosted a protest outside the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus Friday afternoon. A small but mighty group of activists stood along Broad Street downtown with signs that said things like “I can loose my job for being transgender.” It was an effort to educate the city on the inequalities faced by Ohio’s LGBT citizens, in preparation for the Equal Housing and Employment Act, which is set to be discussed in Ohio’s legislature starting next month.

Here’s a statement about the event (exclusive to Queer Corner) from Tom Morgan, State Lead Organizer for GetEQUAL in Ohio:

Concerned “queer” activists showed up on Broad Street at the Statehouse on Friday to help get the word out about the EHEA or Equal Housing Employment Act that will be introduced, again, next month. They came with bull horns, signs, banners, and a clear message. WE ARE NOT YET EQUAL! A similar bill was introduced in the last Ohio session, but was stopped in it’s tracks by Senate Republican President Bill Harris. Now retired. Ohio is an “at will” employment state, however bigotry is written into these laws as well. Persons may be fired here with little effort. However, there is still a list of things that a person cannot be fired for: race, creed, religion, etc. “Queers” need to be ON that list as well, or possibly fall prey to it’s subtle bigotry. We also believe it’s wrong to be denied housing just for being true to yourself.

Equality Ohio is also planning to host a rally, press conference and Lobby Day at the Statehouse in honor of the Equal Housing and Employment Act Sept. 27 at 1:30 p.m. It’s the same day Representatives Ross McGregor and Nickie Antonio will introduce EHEA in the House.  For more information visit

Below are a few more photos from the GetEQUAL protest, courtesy of Morgan. For more on GetEQUAL visit


Comments on: "Ohio Queers: GetEQUAL held protest at Statehouse Friday [PHOTOS], Equality Ohio holding EHEA Rally Sept. 27" (1)

  1. Anonymous said:

    As always…proud and honored to stand on the right side of equal rights…love all of you and am in it to win it for all citizens of this state and country of ours!

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