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The mysterious gay YouTube solider that I featured on Queer Corner a little while ago has moved past the gay blogosphere, with his story hitting the mainstream last week.

He posted a YouTube video of a military band’s brilliant cover of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” that hit 17,000 page views in just a few hours. It was featured on Carson Daily’s talk show and is now well past 1 million views. That video was discovered by members of his platoon and the connection was soon made that he was the headless gay soldier in the other videos.

There seems to only be about 25 people in his unit, and he’s recently reported that they were all extremely accepting and supportive, so it doesn’t look like he’s going to be further outed.

I’ve already made my stance clear on how much I admire what this kid is doing in my other post, but I did want to add something. By sharing his story and being out at work, he’s now proving that gays can be out in a unit without “disrupting cohesion.” This is a common argument used by Republicans and anti-gay activists to back their belief that gay service members should stay in the closet. This faceless young man’s timid voice is disproving 20 years of hateful theorizing.

Check out his latest video below, in which he discusses how he was outed by the “Rolling in the Deep” video and how he recently came out to his girlfriend. He plans to show his face once he’s told his family and after the DADT repeal officially goes into affect Sept. 25.


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