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A quick roundup of this week’s gay happenings…

Video of the Week: All the major pro sports teams of Seattle joined together to make a powerful submission to the It Gets Better Project.

And speaking of, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick released his own It Gets Better video this week.

A Denver lesbian faces deportation Aug. 19, wife helpless because of DOMA.

This week David Boies and Ted Olson, lead attorneys in the American Foundation for Equal Rights’ federal challenge to Proposition 8, accepted the American Bar Association Medal. It is the organization’s highest honor.

Marriage News Watch posted a new video this week with updates on marriage equality and anti-gay marriage initiatives around the country.

The Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met closed recently and the NY Times is reporting that the exhibit was record breaking, becoming the eighth most popular exhibit in museum’s history. Here’s video of the exhibit.

It was reported last week that Rudolf Brazda, that last living gay holocaust survivor, had passed at age 98. But the Dallas Voice is now reporting that there is another living gay holocaust survivor and his name is Gad Beck.

Ann Coulter has become the newest Board Member for GOProud, the gay conservative group that’s been making waves in the press lately. Here’s a video of Coulter on C-SPAN where she refers to herself as a gay icon. Huh???

Rick Santorum continues to embarrass himself on the campaign trail.

Gay Bashings ReportConvictions upheld in Colorado transgender murder

Great America amusement park in Santa Clara, California is being sued by a gay couple who were targeted there recently. After getting off a ride it was discovered that the picture of them (the one that’s typically taken while your on a ride and aviable for sale afterwards) was posted on another ride for display with the words “Were [sic] Fags” scrawled in neon underneath.

LOL ALERT! John Stamos’ Guide to Cuddling featuring Bob Saget.

Over at The Bilerico Project there’s a great series called Top LGBT Voices Name History’s Essential LGBT Figures.

The LA Times published an amazing feature on Dave Kruger, the first ever openly gay Republican Presidential Candidate.

It’s geting more and more unsafe for gays in Ghana by the day. This week came news that The Presbyterian Church of Ghana is planning to set up “therapy centers” for “homosexual victims” featuring “counselling and rehabilitation” in various communities across the country.

Madonna’s Gaga Nightmare continues.

Here’s a sneak peak of VH1’s new Behind the Music special on Ricky Martin featuring his struggles with being in the closet throughout his career. The special airs tonight at 10 p.m.

Jane Espenson’s (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dollhouse) new Web series Husbands premieres Sept. 13. It’s been described as Mad About You meets Will & Grace, with a dash of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. Here’s a interview with Espenson and the show’s stars, Brad “Cheeks” Bell, and Sean Hemeon.

Last year Aisha and Danielle Moodie-Mills were the first same-sex couple to be featured in’s Bridal Bliss wedding features. Now offers another feature updating their readers on the couple’s first year of marriage.

Staceyann Chin (an amazing poet and woman I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying dinner with), recently wrote an amazing piece for The Huffington Post called A Single Lesbian’s Quest for Motherhood.

Rep. Phillip Hinkle is the latest Republican Congressman to be caught with his (gay) pants down. He was caught this week picking up an 18-year-old on Craig’s List for a steamy hotel rendezvous. The young man and his sister turned over all of the detailed email correspondences between him and Hinkle to the press. The story(via The Indiana Star) is so thoroughly juicy, I actually felt bad for the guy, for like two seconds.

Out gay CNN contributor LZ Granderson put out an article that’s been getting some buzz. It’s called “‘Date night’ was wrecking my love life” and portends that “date nights” are what’s killing marriages today. He was even interviewed on air about his view.

Photo of the Week: The below sign is being displayed at a Wilmington, North Carolina church, which the pastor is defending in the press. Wilmington Pride is planning a peaceful protest outside the church tomorrow.

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