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A quick roundup of this week’s gay happenings…

Video of the Week: Love this video of out MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts taking Brian Brown, from the hate group National Organization for Marriage (NOM), to task last week for the controversial marriage pledge they created that was signed by Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann.

The war on gays in Ghana still rages on. From Ghana Web: “All efforts are being made to get rid of these people in the society,” Paul Evans Aidoo, Ghana’s Western Regional Minister said in a statement referring to the homosexual community in Ghana.

NPR released a segment last week focusing on gay conversion therapy that’s getting some serious backlash. The piece presents conversion therapy as “controversial” and “still up for debate” when every credible psychiatric association in the country condemns the practice as dangerous and psychologically damaging.

Marriage News Watch recently put up a new video with the latest update on the Prop 8 trial and what’s happening with the Defense of Marriage Act in New York.

Rudolf Brazda, the last living member of the Pink Triangles (a group of people who were sent to the Nazi concentration camps during he Holocaust because they were gay) passed away last week. He was 98. Here’s a video of him telling his brave and emotional story.

The CDC just released a report that shows the rate of HIV infections amongst young black, gay and bisexual men on a steep rise, and “requires urgent action.” Here’s more coverage on the significance of the report from The New York Times.

A video featuring the LGBT community in Detroit recently showed up online. I guess the point was to highlight how the LGBT community is thriving in a city that was hit the worst by the recession.

An LGBT rights group in Jamaica (one of the unsafest places in the world for LGBT individuals) just launched a series of anti-homophobia PSAs that are airing on Jamaican TV. The first one features former Miss Jamaica World and Miss Jamaica Universe Christine Straw and her gay brother, Matthew.

The GOProud/CPAC controversy continues to become volatile.

Don Lemon hosted an “Ask Me Anything” Q&A on Reddit last week that revealed some pretty interesting information about the now out CNN personality and he also gave some amazing advice to youth about coming out.

Nearly 200 people showed up for an impromptu march for equality in Holland, Michigan last week. The city’s government is currently debating an anti-discrimination ordinance that would include gender identity and sexual orientation as part of the city’s anti-discrimination policy.

Gay Bashings ReportACLU of Florida reaches settlement in unlawful arrest of man reporting police misconduct in Miami Beach | Brother of Brandon McInerney (who killed 14-year-old Lawrence King for allegedly hitting on him in 2009) reveals in court that McInerney was sexually abused as a child | Hundreds rally over string of anti-gay attacks in Long Beach, CA | 5 lesbians attacked in D.C.; police refuse to take report

The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation is officially up and running! It’s the world’s first foundation dedicated to ant-bullying.

Dolly Parton finally released a statement about the homophobic altercation that took place at Dollywood a couple weeks ago. Though I’m glad she’s “investigating” the situation, it doesn’t look like anything’s going to be done to change the policy.

Beyonce gave her first interview with a gay news source in five years at Pride Source and revealed her long support of the gay community. I’m going to have to call foul. I love me some Bey, but I distinctly remember her toting the “hate the sin, not the sinner” ideology when it comes to gays back during her Destiny’s Child days.

Kathy Griffin was a guest of Piers Morgan Tonight last week and gave her funny spin on various topics from plastic surgery to Michelle and Marcus Bachmann. Here’s a hilarious moment featuring the two of them with Anderson Cooper.

LOL ALERT! College Humor does an interesting parody of the MMA featuring the All Balls Brawl.

Somehow a controversy has exploded over this post on Gawker about rich but unknown 18-year-old Kevin Michael Barba. His reps sent the site a brief press release saying he was an “openly gay, up and coming New York socialite who is currently seeking the help of a PR firm to help him gain recognition and press opportunities…with millions of dollars at his disposal.” Many looked at this as an example of the downfall of gay youth, who want all the superficial trappings of fame without all the pesky hard work. Now Boy Culture has landed an interview with Barba, who just wants to be the next Andy Cohen.

Lady Gaga was a guest host on The View last week. She gave her two cents on a lot of different topics including gay rights. Here’s Part 1 and Part 2 of her full appearance.

I’ve mentioned the new web series Old Dogs & New Tricks before, but now they’ve finally released the pilot. It seems interesting, but I must admit, I think it just offers a tired and very small view of the gay community, but just from an older perspective, which is slightly new. You can check it out here.

Perez Hilton is releasing a children’s book titled “The Boy With Pink Hair” Sept. 1. My only reaction to this: Why???

Photo of the Week: Via Towelroad comes these steamy stills featuring Darryl Stephens (Noah’s Arc) and Danny Roberts (The Real World: New Orleans) from an as-yet-untitled new gay scripted series created by Larry Kennar (Executive Producer of The L Word) about a group of friends in downtown L.A.


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