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Thanks to video of the historic LGBT Town Hall Meeting held at the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’s 102nd Annual National Convention in Los Angeles last week has finally been released. Twitter has been abuzz for the past few weeks about the the meeting which is a firs in the NAACP Convention’s long history.

Many well known faces in the black gay community were on the panel including comedian Wanda Sykes, filmmaker Patrik Ian-Polk and CNN anchor Don Lemon (who moderated the event). Former NAACP president Julian Bond was also on the panel.

Based on No More Down Low’s coverage (you can see the full video below), there seemed to be a lot of back and forth, with tempers flying pretty high. It seems like the NAACP Board Members on the panel spent most of their time trying to defend themselves and provide a long history of their support of the gay community. I personally wasn’t buying it. Many of their leaders have come out against the gay rights movement, many of whom are leaders in the homophobic black church. But I do appreciate their current efforts to be more inclusive.

The major takeaway from this has definitely been that it’s a step in the right direction, but according to the footage show in the video, it doesn’t look like there was much of a turnout. You would think that at least the celebrity panel was have filled the room. But it seems that the black community still has a long way to go before gays are fully accepted or even taken seriously.

I do agree that this was an amazing first step for the NAACP and I do hope they continue to provide this forum at their convention every year.


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