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A quick roundup of this week’s gay happenings…

Video of the Week: One of Hair’s latest Broadway productions was high-jacked by three gay couples who were married on stage after the show. Check out the very emotional video below. And here’s full coverage of the event from Logo.

And mainstream media reports about the gay marriages in New York are still pouring in: Broadway and television star Audra McDonald talked with the ladies of The View about singing at the first gay wedding in New York City officiated by Mayor Bloomberg | Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis (stars of Friends with Benefits) speak on their support of gay marriage in The Advocate | Denis O’Hare (True BloodThe Proposal) married his partner in New York on Thursday | Two “pop-up chapels” were erected in Central Park just yesterday where 24 gay couples were married | Video has been released from Avenue Q puppet stars Rod and Ricky’s wedding day!

Country music legend Dolly Parton has always been very vocal about her support of the gays, but it doesn’t seem like she holds her employees to the same standards. Last week a lesbian couple spoke out after they were descriminated against at Dollywood, Parton’s famous amusement park in Tennessee. A gatekeeper forced one of the ladies to turn her “Marriage is so Gay” t-shirt inside out. A spokesperson from the park said their dress code policy doesn’t allow controversial wording on clothing, yet there was several people wearing t-shirts with Confederate flags and profanity.

I’m loving that this new Pop-Up Museum of Queer History exhibit is traveling around NYC. I really hope they plan to expand it nationally.

The Williams Institute recently released new data that shows 1 in 3 gay employees are closeted at work. All the more reason to support the demonstrations happening around Equal Housing and Employment Act in Ohio.

The Baltimore Orioles are the latest MLB team to release an It Gets Better video.

In related news, the entire Massachusetts Congressional Delegation appeared in a video for the It Gets Better Project, except Republican Senator Scott Brown. After he was taken to task by the media on his decision not to participate, the National Republican Senatorial Committee responded for him with a statement that attacked the project’s creator Dan Savage. Savage then released a statement calling Brown’s decision ridiculous because IGB is not about him, but about the kids who are killing themselves because of the hate spewed by people like Brown and those on the NRSC.

Bradlee Dean is a former Christian rock singer who is suing Rachel Maddow for $50 million for her show airing comments he made about agreeing with the execution of homosexuals. His suit is rather ridiculous as his past and current hatred of the LGBT community is well documented.

Adam Lambert’s eagerly anticipated “Behind the Music” VH1 special airs Sunday, Aug. 7. Here’s a sneak peak.

LOL ALERT! – Madonna’s Gaga Nightmare Part 1 and Part 2

Gay Bashings ReportMiami Beach to fire two officers involved in a gay beating at the park

Effects of Tennessee’s Don’t Say Gay Bill has made it out to Minnesota where a small town’s school district is being sued for trying to adopt the same policy. Yesterday CNN aired a full report on the issue of teaching homosexuality in the classroom called “Don’t teach, don’t tell.”

It was recently discovered that the popular annual Republican convention known as CPAC will not be inviting back GOProud. Last year a big ruckus was made when the gay conservative group was one of the convention’s sponsors.

The Daily Show hilariously took aim at CNN anchor Don Lemon this week. And according to Lemon’s Twitter feed (below) he was “pleasantly” surprised.

Twilight star Kristen Stewart has dropped out the film K-11, where she would have played a transgender youth. She has yet to release a response, but the movie is to be directed by her mother and her brother was also set to star. Family drama maybe?

Photo of the Week: Speaking of, Twilight hunk Kellan Lutz stars in a provocative ad campaign for Abbot+Main by Dylan George‘s fall 2011 clothing line.


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