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The Wise Kids is a new independent film by popular gay filmmaker Stephen Cone (In Memorium) that’s getting some major buzz on the queer film festival circuit. Just last week the film took the top prize at Outfest in Los Angeles, the largest LGBT film festival in the country.

Here’s a short synopsis according to the film’s Web site:

A thoughtful and evocative coming-of-age drama, The Wise Kids takes place in the transitional space between high school and college, when life seems to be all questions and no answers, and the future is scarily wide open. Set in and around a Charleston, S.C. Baptist church, weaving through this ensemble piece are three main characters–Brea (Molly Kunz), an introspective pastor’s daughter experiencing debilitating doubt; the hyperactive Laura (Allison Torem), Brea’s best friend and a devout believer; and Tim (Tyler Ross), the open-hearted son of a single father, confronting his homosexuality for the first time. Tensions and buried feelings abound, as colleges are chosen and adults behave badly, as Brea, Laura and Tim attempt to hang onto what they have, all the while yearning to break free.

The film definitely hits close to home for me as someone who grew up in a very strict religion (Pentecostal) and having to deal with the fallout of rejecting your parent’s religious beliefs, while also coming to terms with my sexuality. I definitely can’t wait for this to be released on DVD.

The Wise Kids is currently gearing up for their East Coast premiere at NewFest in NYC this weekend.

Check out the trailer below:


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