Your inside connection to all the LGBT-related news that matters in Ohio and beyond!

A quick roundup of this week’s gay happenings…

Video of the Week: History was made this week when California’s governor signed the FAIR Education Act, requiring schools to add LGBT history to its curriculum. The video below features an MSNBC interview with Mark Leno, who wrote the bill, just after it was signed into law.

The undercover expose on Michelle and Marcus Bachmann’s “ex-gay” clinic that I mentioned last week, jumped from the gay blogoshpere to the mainstream media this week. Here’s a comprehensive look at the story from Anderson Cooper. In this clip Michelle blatantly dodges a journalist’s question about the clinic. Also be sure to check out Jon Stewart’s hilarious take on the subject on The Daily Show. And just for good measure here’s a YouTube parody video of the Bachmanns that’s pretty hilarious.

Marcus Bachmann finally spoke out about the accusations against his clinic this week, saying that they only use “reparative therapy” on gays who ask for it. As if that makes it O.K. That’s like a doctor saying he used an outdated surgical approach that nearly killed his patient because the patient requested it.

A New York couple is appealing to the Supreme Court over an adoption case. State officials in Louisiana are refusing to recognize the gay couple’s adoption and won’t put both the parents names on the Louisiana-born child’s birth certificate, though he was legally adopted by the couple in New York.

The Romeo Files is a new web series you should check out about a teenager dealing with being gay in a rural town. Sound familiar? 

In response to New York legalizing gay marriage, comedian Daniel Tosh, of Comedy Central’s Tosh.0, rounds up a bunch of straight married guys to warn gays It Gets Way Worse.

Speaking of, a nasty trend is starting in New York, where city clerks are quitting because they refuse to sign marriage certificates for same-sex couples.

Newsweek is a mess for publishing this, and I’m glad their being taken to task for it.

I mentioned that a federal judge ordered the immediate end of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, now the courts are ordering the Pentagon to take a position for or against the policy. And in response to tall this, the White House is trying to get that ruling reversed. To which, the courts complied. DADT is back on ladies and gentlemen. I’m falling more and more out of love with Obama by the day.

This YouTube commercial for 2xist’s new SHAPE underwear line is too hilarious to ignore.

This YouTube video about marriage equality set to Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory” is too cute to ignore.

Out singer/songwriter Ferrad recently released his flashy new music video for his song “The Way You Do.”

Another anti-gay controversy has cropped up on Big Brother. Housemate Jeff Schroeder went on a homophobic rant comparing gays to pedophiles. Somehow the conversation was sparked from his discovery that the character Dumbledore from Harry Potter is gay. has released a new video and new campaign to fight the gay-marriage ban bill in Minnesota.

The winner of the macho show One Many Army on the Discovery Channel came out as gay in the final episode after his win. The show is a “toughest man” type of competition geared toward straight men and Republican NRA lovers. Love it!

First-ever hearing to repeal DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) scheduled in the Senate for July 20.

The 14 most hilariously effective signs supporting gay marriage.

Photo of the Week: OUT magazine released their Sports Issue this week. Inside is an article (and this lovely photo) featuring NFL Hall of Famer Micheal Irvin who talks about his gay brother and openly declares his support to marriage equality.


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