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A quick roundup of this week’s gay happenings…

Video of the Week: There’s been quite a bit of LGBT news this week, not the least of which is that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell may finally be dead! A federal judge ruled last week that the Pentagon must suspend enforcement of DADT immediately. The president signed a repeal earlier this year but the policy was to still be in affect until a lengthy “repeal process” was finalized. After the court’s ruling the Pentagon issued a statement that they’d be “taking immediate steps to comply.” Just this past Friday the Pentagon released another statement saying the military has officially stopped discharging openly gay soldiers and must now allow gays to enter the military. In the video below Rachel Maddow interviews gay rights activists Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach, who suggests gays entering the military still proceed with caution. But it looks like DADT is no longer!

I’ve mentioned Andrew Wilfahrt’s parents on here before. Their gay son was killed while serving in Afghanistan and they’ve been vigorously fighting against DADT and for marriage equality in memory of their son. Here they talk with CNN about their son.

The New York Times’s editorial page has been filled with gay love lately. Just before the DADT ruling they published a piece criticizing the slow repeal process and on the same day they took on the blatant discrimination of DOMA.

The NYT DOMA editorial mentions the government’s recent decision to drop the deportation of Henry Velandia, a Venezuelan gay man who was legally married to his American partner, Josh Vandiver, in Connecticut. Gay marriage is not recognized under DOMA, which was threatening to tear the couple apart when Vandiver was facing deportation because of an expired visa. Here’s a video from CNN with more information about that couple and their victory.

More good gay news abounds, California lawmakers passed the popular bill that mandates public schools teach gay history.

And, Connecticut governor signs law protecting transgender people.

Gay Bashing ReportAnti-gay slurs precede a violent assault in Colorado | Six Atlanta officers involved in gay bar raid fired | Death penalty sought in cult case where North Carolina religious leader killed 4-year-old boy for being gay | Massachusetts teens allegedly beat gay man, police investigating hate crime | Trial commences for student killer who murdered California teenager Larry King

There’s been a lot of talk recently about Republican Presidential Candidate Michelle Bachmann’s husband, Marcus, and his ownership in Bachmann & Associates, a state and federally funded counseling center that is said to be an “ex-gay clinic.” Many are saying he’s an ex-gay himself. The Bachmann’s are denying both accusations. John M. Becker from Truth Wins Out, recently released an article about how he went undercover as a patient at the Bachmann clinic. The article goes into great detail about the clinic and how their practices definitely tries to “cure” homosexuality. Here’s Becker’s full report. Here’s a summery of the lengthy report from Towleroad.

Here’s an interesting crew of commentators. Bill Maher, Ann Coulter, Chris Hayes, And Chaz Bono debate religion on Real Time.

In response to New York’s recent legalization of gay marriage, out jazz musician and celebrity saxophonist Dave Koz released this new music video supporting marriage equality for his song “This Guys in Love With You.” (I’ve interviewed this guy before. He’s extremely cool, and definitely someone you should support!)

Darren Criss planted a big wet one on an unsuspecting Chris Colfer at the Glee concert at the O2 in Dublin last week.

Comedian Bryan Safi recently interviewed first openly gay Presidential Candidate Fred Karger. Safi becomes a little unhinged after “discovering” Karger is running as a Republican.

You’d think the theater world would have learned from the Spider Man: Turn Off The Dark fiasco. Apparently not. I present to you Batman Live: World Arena Tour. Here’ssome footage of the latest rehearsals. It’s not looking good.

The Ontario government has announced that all schools receiving public funding, including Catholic schools, must allow GLBT support groups starting this September.

Photo of the Week: Out country singer/model Josey Greenwell. Just because…


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