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August is a new film by Eldar Rapport that’s making it’s way through the gay film festival circuit. It’s a feature length extension of Rapport’s award-winning short Postmortem. The feature stars Murray Bartlett, Daniel Dugan and Adrien Gonzalez in a steamy gay love triangle.

August will be hosting it’s New York premiere at NewFest July 22-23 (the festival runs July 21-28), one of the country’s most popular queer film festivals. Here’s a short synopsis of the film from the NewFest Web site:

Years after dumping Jonathan and moving to Spain, Troy returns to Los Angeles and tries to make amends, but nostalgia for their failed relationship hints that feelings may still be there. The only catch? Jonathan is now happily dating Raul, a gorgeous Argentinean immigrant who, unlike Troy, seems to have his life together. Eschewing the typical love triangle, the story instead delves into the men’s lives while exploring the way lives are dictated by choices playing out over time.

I hope this movie gets a DVD release soon. I’d love to see it. It definitely seems a little melodramatic and it doesn’t look like it’s breaking any new ground with the gay love triangle story line, but I’ve seen a couple of Rapport’s shorts and his film’s are never what they seem. Check out his other award-winning short film Steam and you’ll see what I mean.

Watch the August trailer below:

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