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A quick roundup of this week’s gay happenings…

Video of the Week: This wasn’t the most popular video of the week, but it must be featured. Darryl McDaniels Run D.M.C did a photo shot for the popular NOH8 campaign and has issued a call-to-action from the hip-hop community to stop the homophobic hate. D.M.C., Russel Simmons, 50 Cent, and now Soulja Boy. When did mainstream rappers become so homo-friendly?

Columbus Pride 2011 is this weekend! If you’re in Central Ohio, show your Pride and join in on the festivities! Get all the info at

Tracy Morgan is still on the back-peddling train. He recently met with youth at The Ali Forney Center in NYC (a center for homeless LGBT youth). And he’s also heading back to Nashville to personally apologize to the audience members that were offended by his homophobic rant. I hate to be so pessimistic, but I still think he’s just doing all this at the beckoning of NBC for 30 Rock’s hordes of gay viewers. I appreciate the effort, but he’s been saying stuff like this for year’s and just because he’s been caught in a big public way, now he’s had a change of heart. It just all rings false to me.

A judge in California threw out the motion by Prop 8 opponents to void an earlier ruling because of Judge Walker’s sexuality so fast that the bigots’ heads are still spinning.

My jaw literally dropped when I read this story, about a two mentally handicapped gay men being kicked out of a public pool in Kentucky “because of the Bible.” Gays and gay allies came out strong and have been calling the pool and the city’s mayor expressing their complaints around the clock. The mayor has issued an apology. I personally don’t think it’s enough. Someone needs to be fired. It’s a f—king public pool!

The big gay marriage news this week comes out of New York. The state’s House passed a gay marriage bill Wednesday by a vote of 80-63. It now heads to the NY Senate and then hopefully to the governor’s desk for a signature. It looks like it may come down to one vote in the Senate.

Former NFL player David Tyree recently became the new spokesperson for the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage. In a hateful interview with the organization he spews a serious of homophobic remarks about gay marriage. A backlash ensued (as it should have), which lead to CNN’s Kyra Phillips beautifully confronting the brute on national television, making him look like the neanderthal he is.

Last week the White House hosted the first ever Federal LGBT Youth Summit. Here’s a story from CNN about the historic event.

One good thing that came out of the summit was this: U.S. Department of Education says Gay-Straight Alliances are equal to other student clubs. Hopefully this will be helpful when students have to go up against bigoted school boards to get their GSAs started.

Bishop Eddie Long’s wife leaves him. That’s telling. Anyone still think he’s innocent?

Gay  Bashings ReportStone-throwing extremists disrupt gay pride march in Croatia’s coastal town of Split

Dan Savage was honored at the 2011 WebbyAwards for his work with the It Gets Better Project.

A while back, legislators in Tennessee passed a law that keeps cities there from passing their own non-discrimination ordinances. Now a group of  gays and gay allies in the state are suing the government in response. It’ll be interesting to see if they get their day in court. I hope so.

Jack in a Box is my new obsession, and should be yours too.

Half-Share is a new series about Fire Island that’s getting some major buzz and it’s about to hit the gay film festival circuit.

At the Tony’s Whoppi Goldberg made a joke about Broadway turning all her movies into musicals (The Lion King, Sister Act). Next up is Ghost the Musical, which saw a popular run in London and may be heading to the states soon. My only question. Was this really necessary?

Gay film festival darling Judas Kiss has finally got a full trailer. The DVD is also already available for pre-order through Wolfe Video. The DVD release is scheduled for sometime this fall.

The creators of the Off-Broadway hit The Bus (about an unlikely gay romance that develops on a small town church bus) would like to take their show to the Westboro  Baptist Church, or as close as they can get. Good luck.

As someone who grew up in (and was shunned by) the church, this news report definitely hit close to home. In Omaha, Neb. this week, over 100 pastors, from various religious backgrounds, came together to publicly unveil a proclamation calling for an end to religious and civil discrimination based on sexual orientation. (I have to admit, a few tears were shed.)

Here’s a pretty interesting anti-homophobia PSA from the U.K. Not sure what to think. Maybe you can make heads or tails of it.

This article in The Grid called “Dawn of A New Gay” has been causing some major drama within the gay community. I personally think we have more important things to worry about than a bunch of young gays who think they’re better than all the old gays. The Grid recently ran a followup explaining why they published the story in the first place.

Lady Gaga recently released the music video for “Edge of Glory.” IMHO it’s extremely anticlimactic. Is it supposed to be  a tribute to NYC outer-burroughs’ architecture or something? But I’m pretty sure this was shot on a Warner Bros backlot. Anywho, apparently there was some major behind-the-scenes drama over the video, with Gaga ditching an original big-budget concept two days into shooting it.

Photo of the Week: Macy’s has always been a proud supporter of LGBT rights and this year they’ve released these Calvin Klein underwear ads just in time for Pride.

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