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A quick roundup of this week’s gay happenings…

Video of the Week: Comdian Bryan Safi tackles the recent homophobia in sports controversies on infoMania’s “That’s Gay” as only he can.

Atlanta Rep. Rashad Taylor recently came out of the closet. It was in response to a sexual misconduct controversy that he has denied and its been reported that the accuser has no proof of the accusations.

Don Lemon continued his media takeover by appearing on Tavis Smiley’s show. They chatted about what it’s like being black and working at CNN, the response to his coming out and how he’s been dealing with all the attention.

An anti-gay group attacked participants in Moscow’s Pride Parade last week, many were arrested on both sides, including former Lt. Dan Choi, who’s been a major gay-rights activist in America at the forefront of combating the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell bill. Moscow police said the pro-gay group did not have permission to assemble. Gay rights activists in Moscow have been lobbying for permission to hold a Pride Parade in the city for many years to no avail. This was their sixth time trying to stage a parade and being shut down by police.

Old Navy is selling a new line of shirts specifically benefiting the It Gets Better Project. Ten percent of the proceeds from each shirt will go directly to the organization.

Speaking of IGB, the Chicago Cubs and the Boston Red Sox will be joining the San Francisco Giants and creating official It Gets Better videos representing the professional sports organizations.

The NAGAAA, a national gay softball league that holds the annual Gay Softball World Series, has been embroiled in a civil rights law suit for some time now because of refusing straight athletes. But a federal judge recently OK’d the softball league’s limit on straight players. The case will go to trial soon, but until then the judge hearing the case said they can continue with their current policy.

The White House has created a new Web site, called Wining the Future, that tracks and promotes the strides the President is making with LGBT rights.

As I mentioned a while back, this year’s big mainstream gay film is Beginners. Starring Ewan McGregor and Christopher Plummer, the film follows a man who comes out of the closet to his son when he’s 75. The movie opens to a limited release this weekend and the reviews have been amazing. Here’s hoping it becomes an Oscar hopeful and gets a wider release. Here’s an interview from Logo with the film’s cast and director.

Muslim leaders in Ghana are petitioning the government there over the “growing rate of homosexuals,” saying “if not checked it could prove very costly for the nation.”

A report has just been released in Health Psychology that states gay men are more likely to have safe sex with multiple casual partners than when in monogamous relationships. This information isn’t new amongst the gay community, but is becoming major cause for concern amongst medical professionals.

Gay Bashings Report: Gay-basher in Canada fails in attempt to reduce sentence | California couple charged with hate crimes in alleged gay attack | Night patrols by citizens in Portland, Ore. continue after gay attack earlier this month | University of Florida student charged with hate crime involving anti-gay slurs | 2010 murder of gay Buffalo, N.Y. man remains unsolved; mother asks for help

Daniel Tosh is out of control (NSFW). His appeal is split amongst the gays, either loving him or hating him. I personally think he’s hilarious and is just the type of guy who will do anything for a laugh, going gay included.

Fade In is a powerful new series by Novo Novus Productions (the same people behind Drama Queenz) that features the stories of homeless gay LGBT teens.



I’m loving the new Straight But Not Narrow campaign, which gets famous straight actors to make PSA’s about acceptance and being allies of LGBT people. Their next PSA will feature Cory Monteith who plays Finn on Glee.

A recent study by the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago shows the world as a whole is becoming more accepting of homosexuality.

Wanda Sykes appeared on Pierce Morgan Tonight and talked being black and gay in America. She discusses her controversial stance (which I share) that it’s harder to be gay than black in America today.

I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s now official. Nevada’s governor signed two transgender non-discrimination bills into law this week.

A full-length documentary about legendary drag queen Divine, is currently under production. Here’s the film’s first teaser trailer. I Am Divine is set to be released next year.

Last month Dan Savage and Terry Miller spoke at the Google headquarters about the It Gets Better Project and thanked the company for their powerful IGB ad.

Photo of the Week: This Saturday is Disney World’s unofficial Gay Day and in response the anti-gay Florida Family Association spent $7,000 to fly an ad across Orlando for two days “warning” people away from the amusement park. It’s blatant and public hate like this that’s causes anti-gay bully in schools, which often leads to gay teen suicides.


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