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Finding Me: Truth is the highly anticipated sequel to Roger Omeus Jr.’s breakout gay indie Finding Me, about a clan of African American twenty-somethings grappling with friendship, love and homophobic families in New York City.

Here’s a synopsis from Finding Me from the film’s DVD distributor TLA Releasing:

A fresh, new “indie” film about a young gay black man’s journey of self-discovery, affirmation and love. Independent African-American gay cinema is given a refreshing, realistic twist in this seductive drama. Faybien Allan has it all going on; he’s young, stylish, and knows the importance of being seen with hip friends at NYC’s trendiest spots. But beneath the sparkle of his nightlife and his stunning good-looks, is a man buckling under his father’s homophobia. Filled with self-loathing and desperate for direction, he meanders through life until meeting Lonnie, a confident activist with a flirtatious smile. However, despite their obvious chemistry and fireworks in bed, Faybien’s insecurities have him looking for the door. Can a budding romance and a few good friends keep him from making the biggest mistake of his life? A true labor of love shot over the course of a dozen weekends, Finding Me marks the discovery of a promising and humanistic new talent, first-time Haitian-American filmmaker Roger Omeus, Jr.

In Find Me: Truth Faybien’s character returns with a new love interest, but finds himself in a comprising position when his fist love, Lonnie, returns. The film is set for a September 2011 DVD release.

The film recently saw major tragedy when Maurice Murrell, who stars in both films, suddenly died just last week from a still undiagnosed illness. Outside of Finding Me Murrell was a model, actor and well known gay activist in the urban LGBT movement. He was only 32. Murrell plays Faybien’s roommate Jay in Finding Me and becomes much more of the film’s focus in the sequel. His funeral is set for tomorrow near his parent’s residence in New Jersey. No word yet on how, or if, this tragedy will affect the film’s release. Our hearts go out to Murrell’s family and his friends.

Here’s the trailer for Finding Me. You can purchase the DVD here.

And here’s the trailer for Finding Me: Truth.


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