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The big news this week will be coming out of Minnesota as the state’s House voted late Saturday to pass an anti-gay amendment with a vote of 70-62, and it will now be put to the voters in 2012. The bill passed a the Senate level a couple weeks ago and, though a fierce fight was  mounted by Democrats and gay lobbying groups, the bill was expected to also pass in the Republican-dominated House. The saddest part about all of this is that Minnesota already has a law on the books that defines marriage between one man and one woman, however, this new bill would make it so the law can’t be overturned by the judicial system, like it was in Iowa. Below is a video of a speech given by the lone Republican who voted against the bill, and video of protests at the Statehouse before, during and after the bill was passed.

Now for some good news. Last week the Rhode Island House overwhelming passed a bill that would legalize civil unions in the state. The bill is set to head to the Senate next where it is expected to pass. This comes after a fight for gay marriage was lost recently. If this does pass, at least gays will have the same rights as married couples event if it’s not called marriage, which is more than can be said for most states.

New York Democrats are decrying a bill that was introduced into the state’s Senate by Republicans that would invalidate out-of-state gay marriages in New York.

I’ve mentioned before that proponents on Prop 8 in California are now trying to have Judge Walker’s ruling against the proposition invalidated because he came out as gay recently. Earlier this month The New York Times put out an amazing editorial in support of the Walker’s ruling.

The Brazil Supreme Court has approved civil unions for same-sex couples!

Completely ignoring progress, Virgina Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) said recently that a new Washington Post poll showing that Virginians are closely divided over whether gay marriage should be legal doesn’t matter because voters overwhelmingly agreed to amend the state Constitution to ban gay marriage just five years ago. Yes, because nothing can change in five years.

The New York Times is reporting that major donors of the Republican Party in New York are also donating major dollars to the fight to legalize gay marriage.

The DeVote Campaign has released a powerful video that highlights Out4Immigration (an organization of volunteers fighting for immigration equality for LGBT families in the U.S.) and features same sex, bi-national couples who are being gravely affected by the government’s refusal to recognize their relationship. You can watch the full video above.

And speaking of same sex, bi-national couples, David W. Ross, an ex-boy bander that topped the European charts in the ’90s and star of the popular 2006 gay indie Quinceañerahas penned a new film called I Do, about a gay bi-national couple and the green card problems they face. The project recently celebrated reaching it’s funding goal on Kickstarter and filming should commence later this year.


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