Your inside connection to all the LGBT-related news that matters in Ohio and beyond!

A quick roundup of this week’s gay happenings…

Video of the Week: Obviously the big news this week was that CNN anchor Don Lemon came out of the closet. He’s now on a press tour for his new book, Transparent, and is stealing hearts with that beautiful smile, which has quickly made him America’s Sweetheart. Below he chats with Joy Behar about the book and why he came out.

There’s a man in Berlin who’s been cured of AIDS. The explanation includes a bunch of scientific jargon, but in lay man’s terms, he was given a bone marrow transplant because he has leukemia and apparently the bone marrow he was given was from a person who is immune to the HIV virus, which somehow erased the disease from his body. In this video a San Franciscan news station interviews “The Berlin Patient” and other medical professionals about the miracle.

Tennessee is out of control. Not one, but two anti-gay bills passed this week in their Congress. The first was a bill that keeps city councils in the state from making their own non-discrimination laws forcing them to only enforce the anti-gay state laws. The second is the popularly protested “Don’t Say Gay” Bill, which just passed in the Senate with a 20-10 vote. (Side note: George Takei has lent his voice — and name — to protesting the “Don’t Say Gay” Bill. There’s even merchandise.)

A Kentucky judge recently passed down Kenton County’s first hate crime conviction. Devlin Burke and a group of his friends attacked two lesbians and two men last year outside a Covington club.

News has come down the pike that settlement negotiations in the Rev. Eddie Long misconduct cases have fallen though, and it looks like the cases will be heading to trial as early as this fall.

Patrick-Ian Polk is back! He’s raising money on Kickstarter for a new film project called The Skinny, about a group of Brown University graduates who reunite in New York City for Pride a year after graduation. I’m too excited. I was hoping he’d do a Noah’s Arc: Jumping the Broom sequel, but I’ll take whatever Mr. Polk is dishin’ out.

Keith Boykin in pairing up with Magnus Books to publish an anthology of writings on “living life, confronting obstacles and believing in yourself,” to be titled For Colored Boys Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Still Not Enough. And he wants your story!

Tuesday (May 17) was the International Day Against Homophobia and to recognize the day Pamela E. Bridgewater, who’s the U.S. Ambassador to Jamaica (one of the most dangerous places for gays in the world) penned this amazing piece in the Jamaica Observer in support of respecting LGBT people. And she even uses the Bible to make her point.

Taylor Swift’s new music video for her single, “Mean,” features a well-dressed kid reading a fashion magazine (read gay) being bullied by his high school football team, then becoming a famous fashion designer at the end of the video. Some are shooting hooray, while others are calling foul.

Remember when vagjazzling was all the craze? Well, now I introduce to you pejazzling.

Two lesbian students in Florida were threatened with suspensions because they were holding hands in school. Sometimes I just want to smack some of these school officials.

Speaking of such bullying, The Family Acceptance Project at San Francisco State University has released new research that links anti-gay bullying with long-term health and developmental problems in those tormented.

MTV is airing a special about Lady Gaga on May 25 titled “Inside the Outside.” They’re calling it her “most intimate interview ever.” Here’s a clip where she goes into detail about being bullied in high school.

SNL gave “The Ambiguously Gay Duo” a live-action update starring John Hamm and Jimmy Fallon, with cameos from Will Ferrell, Steven Carell, Ed Helms and Stephen Colbert. (Side note: Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga take over the SNL season finale this Saturday!)

Sassy Gay Friend has released three new MiO commercials. I still prefer SGF pre-commercialization.

The independent film Judas Kiss is currently on a hot streak, winning awards at gay film festivals across the country, which has led to a DVD distribution deal, which will be released by Wolfe Video this fall.

Glee‘s season two finale is Tuesday and it focuses on the Glee Club’s trip to New York City for the National Show Choir Competition, which was filmed on location in Manhattan. Hundreds of Gleeks and press stormed the set. Here’s an inside look from The Hollywood Reporter. So can’t wait!

Improv Everywhere has produced another one of their amazing impromptu musicals. This time it’s Gotta Share! The Musical, which speaks to the obsessions of social networking.

Photo of the Week: European rugby star Ben Cohen announced this week that he’s retiring from the sport to lead the global fight against homophobia full time. He’ll be running the StandUp Foundation, an anti-bullying organization he founded. Here he is posing for a 2012 calendar StadnUp is putting out later this year as a fundraising effort.


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