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Equality Ohio is hosting their sixth annual Lobby Day for Equality at the State Capitol today in Columbus. Ohioans from all over the state will be converging on the Statehouse to meet with Ohio Senators and urge them to vote for equality.

The two issues EO is focusing on this year are the Equal Housing and Employment Act and the Safe Schools Act. The EHEA is a bill that would make it illegal for discrimination based on sexual orientation in when applying for housing or while at work. It failed when trying to get through Congress a couple years ago, but we’re hoping it’s reintroduced this year. Currently LGBT people can legally be fired and refused housing for being gay. The Safe Schools Act is a bill that would mandate all schools have policies in the would specifically protect kids from anti-gay bullying.

In order to participate in Lobby Day to day you had to register and go through a short training, but even if you didn’t make the registration deadlines you can still help out by contacting your senator today to help keep the momentum going. Click here and enter your zip code to find out which senator you need to contact.

EO is also holding a reception later today from 5 p.m. t0 7 p.m. in the Ohio Statehouse Atrium for participants to share stories from their experiences at the Statehouse and to generally celebrate the day’s events. Leaders from Ohio’s pro-equality community, Ohio lawmakers, special guests and other supporters of Equality Ohio will be attendance. The reception was also a pre-registered event.

Join the fight and make your voice heard. Contact your senator today!


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