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Glee episodes have fallen into a bit of a patten. Either they’re brilliant all around (Original Song), they’re emotionally poignant but musically lacking (Prom Queen) or they’re aurally appealing script duds (A Night of Neglect). The week was the latter. Sue Sylvester (the incomparable Jane Lynch) was the only highlight in an otherwise boring script, but the kids did sang their butts off.’

This week as Jesse St. James is systematically destroying the New Directions with his Show Choir consulting antics, Coach Sue reveals that her sister has died. the Glee kids rally (well, mostly Finn and Kurt) and decide to help her plan the funeral. Even Mr. Shu reaches out and tries to be a friend but Sue just takes her pain off on him and kids (nothing’s changed there). But in the end the after Sue mentions her sister’s favorite movie was Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, the kids turn the funeral home into a mini Chocolate Factory. And they close the service with the movie’s theme song, “Pure Imagination.” She’s so touched by the gesture that she later calls a truce with Mr. Shu and wishes the kids luck at Nationals.

As I mentioned Jesse was also on hand as a consultant “helping” the kids get ready for nationals. He has them audition against each other for the lead, and who the show will be built around. This leads to a series of showstopping performances from Santana (Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black”), Kurt (“Some People” from Gypsy), Mercedes (“Try a Little Tenderness” by Otis Redding) and Rachel (“My Man” from Funny Girl). Jesse ends up picking Rachel in a ploy to win back her heart, but Mr. Shu decides to go back to what their good at, which is working together. And in a (slightly expected) dramatic twist, Finn dumps Quinn to be with Rachel, but then finds Rachel kissing Jesse when he’s about to tell her he wants her to take him back.

We also find out that Mr. Shu will be spending the summer on Broadway with April Rhodes (Kristin Chenoweth), but hasn’t told the kids. Emma tries to convince him to follow his dreams to the finish line and now come back to McKinley in the fall, but Mr. Shu isn’t so sure. However, he may have chosen to say because at the end of the episode we see him giving tearful goodbyes to Emma and his ex-wife, Terri (who spent the episode helping Sue reroute the Glee club’s NYC tickets to Zimbabwe, but ended up finding her heart and go the kids first class tickets to NYC instead).

And that’s what you missed on…GLEE!

Fave moment: Jane Lynch stole this episode. She was Sue Sylvester at her meanest and most soft-hearted, and all in the same few minutes. I laughed and cried because of her.

Annoying moment: As gorgeous as Jonathan Groff is, am I the only one who thinks this Jesse aside is a waste of space?

Fave quote: “Lady Badger, I am lactating with rage!” ~Coach Sue Sylvester

Fave song: I personally preferred Santana’s Winehouse remix and Mercedes’ Otis Redding throw-down to Rachel’s weepy Barbara.

You can watch full episodes of Glee here.


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