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A quick roundup of this week’s gay happenings…

Video of the Week: The COLAGE Youth Leadership and Action Program has put out an amazing documentary profiling five teen youth who are being raised by LGBT parents. You should definitely sit through the full 30-minute segment. It’s pretty powerful.

Progress: Craig Cassey, an openly gay high school track athlete in Pennsylvania, was recently voted the prom king at his high school garnering cheers (and no leers) from classmates.

Seattle Mayor says city should start paying for surgeries and other treatments for transgender employees.

The Presbyterian Church made history this week when after 33 years it voted to change its constitution and allow openly gay people in same-sex relationships to be ordained as ministers, elders and deacons.

In related news, Believe Out Loud is a new campaign started by Intersections International to get 1 million Christians to come out for LGBT equality. Here’s a commercial released by the campaign.

Moment, a Jewish magazine, recently did an article entitled, “What advice would you give if your child told you he or she was gay?” And some of the answers might surprise you.

Due to the recension, the National Youth Advocacy Coalition was forced to close their doors for good on May 13. The organization, formerly located in Washington D.C., was a fierce advocate for gay youth, best known for their programs focused on smoking reduction, voter registration, and movement building nationwide. Their absence will definitely be leaving a major void in the LGBT youth movement.

Entertainment Weekly validly asks: ‘The Voice’ has openly gay singers: Where are they on ‘American Idol’?

Minneapolis was recently named the No. 1 gay city in the country with San Francisco falling to No. 11. The Daily Show hilariously delves deep into San Fran’s downfall.

Here’s 27 shirtless ‘Glee’ guy photos. You’re welcome.

Michigan House approves bill cutting funding to gay-friendly universities. Yes, that statement was real.

Gay Bashing Report: 5 charged in assault on gay South Carolina man | Same SC man attacked again a month later outside of gas station | Arrest made in Elmira, N.Y. homicide, victim was a gay-rights activist | South Africa killing of lesbian activist ‘a hate crime’ | Molly Wei enters plea deal in Tyler Clementi Webcam spying case | Victim’s sister says El Paso, Texas beating was anti-gay hate crime; police say victim still unconscious

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has put out a series of videos on YouTube called Larkin Street Stories: The Homeless LGBT Experience, chronicling the lives of homeless LGBT youth at the Larkin Street Youth Services, a homeless shelter for LGBT youth in San Francisco. There have been talks about getting a center like this up and running in Columbus. I really hope it happens. The homeless LGBT youth statistics are horrendously above average and there definitely needs to be a place for youth to go if their  families kick them out after they come out.

After viscous attacks from the Religious Right, Barbara Lenk became the first open lesbian to be confirmed to the Massachusetts Supreme Court.

As a part of The Moth’s storytelling series Sex and the City writer Cindy Chupack offers “Til Death or Homosexuality Do Us Part,” about her gay husband.

Double Dose (a.k.a porn star Chris Porter) has added his voice to the current homohop resurgence with “F**k This Industry.”

Old Dogs & New Tricks is a new Web series about gay men of certain age. They’re looking for backers to help fun the project, you can donate here.

Anti-gay groups are coming together and planning a huge influx of funds to their cause for 2012 through an initiative called “Ignite an Enduring Cultural Transformation.” Counter attack anyone?

The groundbreaking Google Chrome ad featuring the It Gets Better Project has come under attack by the gays. Some are calling it a travesty and abhorrent attempt to make money off of dead gay teenagers. I beg to differ.

YouTube celebrity Chris Crocker takes on the effemiphobia in the LGBT community. I personally think he has a point, but unfortunately because of his reputation, it’s like Charlie Sheen trying to be the spokesperson for D.A.R.E.

The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History will mark the 30th anniversary of the emergence of what became known as the HIV and AIDS epidemic with a three-part display and website beginning June 3.

Ricky Martin guested on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last week to chat about life since coming out.

The FCKH8 campaign has released a new video, this time taking aim at the “Don’t Say Gay” Bill currently making it’s way through the Tennessee legislature.

Alejandro Iglesias, a transgender man who shocked the nation when he appeared on the country’s version of the television reality show Big Brother, has become the poster child for transgender people in Argentina. Here’s an amazing story about how he’s leading the movement against bigotry in the country.

Out magazine recently caused quite a stir within the gay community when they released their Power 50, an annual list of the most powerful gays in America. The list was surprisingly white-washed, there were a couple people of Latino heritage, no African American and no transgender individuals. It also included people who’ve never publicly declared their sexuality. Out editor Aaron Hicklin responded to the controversy in an interview on The Bilerico Project. Personally I think his response is bogus and I’ll be continuing to not support the magazine.

Photo of the Week: Will Ferrel and John C. Riley shared a smooch at a Lakers game last week. Ferrel explained himself on Chelsae Lately shortly after.

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