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Glee just keeps getting better and better every week. And with all the junior prom drama and the nostalgic emotions I’m sure was running through all those post high school grads watching, this was definitely the funnest episode yet.

Principal Figgins asks the New Directions to step in after the band he’d hired for prom drops out at the last minute. Mr. Shu decides to break the club up into smaller groups to perform so they can have time to enjoy the prom as well. This upsets Mercedes who doesn’t have a date. Rachel consoles her and decides she, Mercedes and Sam will go together. But then, for some odd reason, Rachel’s ex Jesse (played by the beautiful Jonathan Groff) returns to ask Rachel to prom, making their threesome a foursome. Meanwhile, Artie tries to get Brittany back by serenading her with Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely” during her Home Ec class. Sadly it doesn’t work, Brittany is set on remaining single.

Kurt asks Blaine to go to the prom with him, he hesitates because last time he went to a school dance he and his date were gay bashed afterward, but decides he’ll get over his fears and go with Kurt. Later while trying on his prom suite (a royal wedding/Alexander McQueen inspired half suit half kilt) his father suggest he tone it down so as not to draw attention to himself, to which Blaine agrees. (Ironically, straight Finn was the only one in the room who loved his outfit.)

The fight for prom queen rages on. It’s come down to  Quinn, Lauren and Santana, who continues to patrol the halls with Karofsky to protect “team gay” with the bully brigade to win votes. When Karofsky drops Kurt off at class, Kurt tells him he should consider coming out because he hasn’t been picked on all week. In response, Karofsky breaks down and sincerely apologizes for how he treated Kurt. Kurt simply says, “I know” and pats him no the shoulder before Karofsky walks away.  (This is my nomination for best scene of the season by the way.)

At the prom things go off without a hitch performance-wise. Puck, Sam and Artie do an impressive reprise of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” and Blaine takes lead on a rousing “I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You”  by the Black Kids with Tina and Brittany taking backup. The prom king is announced and (as we already know) Karofsky wins. But then the prom queen is finally announced all goes to hell when Kurt wins as a joke. He, and apparently everyone else, runs out of prom as there’s a montage of reactions. Blaine consoles Kurt, Brittany consoles Santana, and Quinn slaps Rachel. (Wait. What?!)

Kurt decides to come back in and accept the award (“Eat your heart out Kate Middletown!”) alongside Karofsky. Kurt suggests Karofsky come out when they do the prom king and queen dance, but he can’t handle it and runs out. Blaine then steps in and takes Kurts hand. As they dance Mercedes and Santana appropriately belt “Dancing Queen.”

And that’s what you missed on…GLEE!

Fave moment: Of course the ending with Kurt and Blaine dancing the Prom King and Queen dance to ABBA’s “Dancing Queen.” I wish all Proms ended this way. That slap Quinn gave Rachel came in as a close second. Was anyone else surprised by that? I even knew is was coming based off the promo reel but I still nearly jumped out of my seat.

Annoying moment: I didn’t like how they did the Karofsky character at the end. I wish that moment would’ve have been a little more understated. Kurt basically thew him out to the wolves when he suggested he come out in front of everyone at Prom. And since he ran out everyone’s going to think he’s a homophobe, which goes against the bully brigade thing he and Santana have going. It’ll be interesting to see where they go with this though. (P.S. Rachel takes back Jesse? Really!? After he pretended to be your boyfriend for a fiendish scheme by your biological mother and then got a group of his friend to pelt you with eggs. Really???)

Fave quote: “Just because I hate everybody doesn’t mean they have to hate me too.” ~Santana in tears after she looses Prom Queen (There was also a side story about Artie and Puck trying to spike the punch bowl featuring some gems from Coach Sue. “You are the worst P.O.W. ever…John McCain is rolling in his grave!” and “You are seriously no fun to interrogate or almost torture.”)

Fave song: That Jesse/Rachel duet on “Rolling in the Deep” was phenomenal. Loved how the stage crew starting singing backup out of nowhere. Also Artie’s “Isn’t She Lovely” tribute to Brittany was just too cute.

You can watch full episodes of Glee here


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