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Yara Sofia is Miss Congeniality!

This week RDR3 came to an official end with the annual reunion episode. And it was full of the shade, lip smacking, finger waving, contrived reconciliations and all around fierceness that makes RDR the best reality show on television.

Top 5 Fave Moments:

  • Mimi Imfust gave a lame excuse for nearly the craziness that was her  final lip sync, when she picked up India Farrah. She basically said that’s just how drag is done where shes’ from. And India was being farily cordial about the whole thing. (I’m with Mariah, I would’ve clocked the b—h!)
  • Shangela was a hot mess. (I love to hate this girl!) I nearly did a spit take when she compared herself to Martin Sheen. But I do agree with her annoyance with the Heathers vs. Boogers issue. It just seemed child dish. And the four girls wearing those “Heathers” necklaces didn’t help their cause.
  • I loved it when Alexis Mateo took Michelle Visage to task for her harsh critiques. And the face that they both have fake boobs!
  • Yara Sofia won the Miss Congeniality contest, voted by RDR fans online. Definitely well deserved. Yara definitely was the one to always put a smile on your face no matter what she did.
  • I have to admit that Raja giving her “Heathers” necklace to Stacy Layne Matthews hit me in the heart a little bit. It looked hella contrived (kind of likes Tyra Sanchez’s miraculous transformation from b—h to beauty at last year’s reunion), but I bought it. I so bought it.

Runway Pick: Venus D-Lite, stop getting work done. I kind of wanted to issue a similar notice to everyone about their looks at the reunion. Usually all the girls are stunning at the Reunion Show, but the only look I was really feeling was Carmen Carerra’s (of course right, lol).

The Next Drag Super Star: Raja definitely played the nice little diplomat, with trying to apologize for her harsh words, giving Stacy her necklace and even being “freinemies” now with Shangela. That’s kind of how it’s been with the past crowned queens as well so I’m surprised. It would be nice though to have a RDR Reunion Show that’s just as explosive as the “Housewives of…” reunions on Bravo. Especially with drag queens. Wigs would be flying and everything.

Untucked: There was no Untucked episode for the reunion, but there is a “bonus scene” on that’s pretty interesting. It features online questions from fans for each of the contestants. My fave? “Why do you always look scared?” posed to Mimi Imfurst. Below are some backstage photos from the

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well, that’s all she wrote folks. I think it’s been an amazing season of RuPaul’s Drag Race and I thank you for tuning in to my recaps each week. Leave a comment below telling us what was your favorite part of RDR3. I so can’t wait for next season. Thank God we have another season of “RuPaul’s Drag U” coming soon to ail the RDR withdrawal that’s soon to set in! To tide you over until the June 20th season premiere, here’s a preview video of this season’s professors.


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