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This week the Glee kids at McKinley took on Fleetwood Mac’s classic 1977 album “Rumours.” The show has been featuring a lot of recently released pop music so I guess the Glee creators thought it was time to return to form and kick it old school again.

Aptly titled “Rumours,” the kids not only had to take on the album but rumors that were circulating because of Coach Sue. She revives the school’s newspaper The Muckrackers to spread false information about the members of Glee club and Mr. Shu.

Brittany also starts a web show called “Fondue for Two” where she eats fondue and chats with her “guests,” or just friends from school, or her cat. (It’s utterly hilarious and must be added as a regular part of the Glee experience.)

Santana is outed as a lesbian (which she later denies to the chagrin of Brittany), Sam is supposedly secretly dating Kurt and Quinn, and Mr. Shu is rumored to be skipping out on the Glee club before nationals and heading of to perform on Broadway with his boozy friend April Rhodes (the amazing Kristin Chenoweth returns!), and Rachel and Finn are cheating together too. Though none of this is true (well, except for Santana), it still sends the kids in an uproar as the rumors tailspin out of control.

Turns out Kurt and Quinn have actually been sneaking around with Sam at a hotel because his family lives there because they lost their house. Kurt was giving him some of his clothes and Quinn was helping him babysit his little brother and sister. As for Mr. Shu, he decides to not take April up on her offer, which she was only offering because Sue and Terry (Mr. Shu’s ex wife) paid her too.

And that’s what you missed on…GLEE!

Fave moment: So, I definitely teared up a little when Finn and Rachel came over and brought Sam his guitar, which the Glee kids pitched in to buy him back from the pawn shop. (Don’t lie, you know you did too!)

Annoying moment: Blaine withdrawal.

Fave quote: “You know what I call an afternoon where I’m getting drunk? An afternoon.” ~April Rhodes

Fave song: Loved the April/Will duet on “Dreams.” I can’t get enough of Kristin Chenoweth. And Rachel (Lea Michelle) killed that “Go Your Own Way” cover.

You can watch full episodes of Glee here


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