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As I was watching Glee (recap coming soon) tonight I was completely surprised during a commercial break when an ad by Google Chrome prominently featuring Dan Savage and other videos from the It Gets Better Project popped up on the screen. (As a contributor who’s featured in the book, it obviously got my attention with a quickness.)

The ad features video clips from various IGB videos including the first video by Dan Savage and his partner Terry Miller, along with shots of the news coverage of anti-gay bullying from the past year. It’s basically saying that the Internet can change the world, use Google Chrome to do it. Many people say the billion dollar company is exploiting a very serious movement and think it’s disgusting. However, I think it’s extremely groundbreaking. And Google Chrome should be applauded for their brave efforts.

Mainstream commercials have always shied away from LGBT representation and if it is included it’s done so subversively. The first image that you see on the screen during the Google Chrome ad are the words “Bullied for Being Gay.” Commercials during the 8-9 p.m. prime-time hour on Fox are not cheap, they’re worth hundreds of thousands of dollars because they are viewed by so many people. Google Chrome using this space to pay tribute specifically to the movement against anti-gay bullying is more than phenomenal. It’s revolutionary.

You can view the Google Chrome ad below:


Comments on: "Groundbreaking Google Chrome ‘It Gets Better’ ad premiered during ‘Glee’ tonight" (2)

  1. IT is not ok to be gay! that commercial is disgusting and disturbing, we are allowing this in TV. and no its not gonna get better! as it progresses, more people are gonna take action. and there should be MORE bullying. hopefully that gets the message across. everyone that is gay has something socially wrong with them, which is why they become gay, thats the only group that will except them, if not that then they were probably molested as a child

  2. […] The groundbreaking Google Chrome ad featuring the It Gets Better Project has come under attack by the gays. Some are calling it a travesty and abhorrent attempt to make money off of dead gay teenagers. I beg to differ. […]

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