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The Minnesota Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Committee passed a bill Friday afternoon that would put a ban on same-sex marriage in the the state’s Constitution if voters approve it during the November 2012 elections.

Zach Wahls is still fighting the good fight after his impassioned speech in front of Iowa’s Congress about his two moms in February against a law that could take away the marriage rights for lesbians and gays went viral. He’s been traveling all over the world talking about marriage equality and just last week he was given an award for his efforts by the Family Equality Council in NYC. Here he chats at length about his experiences with PATV in Iowa. And below you can see his chat on MSNBC about how his life has changed and the FEC award.

Last week a Montana judge ruled against six gay couples seeking the same legal protections as married couples.

Progress: Conjugal visits allowed for inmates and partners in same-sex marriages, civil unions.

The case to overturn Prop 8 in California is still slowly making it’s way through the courts. Opponents have already failed to prove their case in court and are in the process of appeal, but it looks like their running out of ideas because now they’ve filed a motion to throw out the original ruling that struck down California’s gay marriage ban because the judge who made the ruling is in a same-sex relationship. Former Chief Judge Vaughn Walker, how has since retired, recently came out of the closet and has been in a long term relationship with his partner for many years. The whole thing is ridiculous and I’m surprised the ruling is even being taken seriously by a judge. This is like saying a female can’t be the judge in cases that involve women’s rights. Here’s more on the topic from Washington Post columnist Adam Serwer.

DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) has been causing all sorts of controversy lately. First same sex, bi-national couples are still being routinely deported. Below you a can see a couple discuss their fears of being torn apart at a deportation hearing that set for them on May 6.

But the big DOMA news has been surrounding Atlanta based law firm King & Spalding. They recently made the very controversial decision to break their contract with the government to defend DOMA after gay rights groups protested the firm. The HRC lead the fight and have come under attack for the pressuring the law firm to drop the case, which HRC says is something they are firmly proud of. However, after backing out, one of King & Spalding’s key partners, Paul Clement, left the firm and has the joined the fight to defend DOMA. Glenn Beck is calling Clement a hero. (Of course he is.) And of course Speaker John Boehner (who originally hired K&S to defend DOMA) has been issuing statements of  “disapproval” since the firm broke their contract. I say kudos to King & Spalding. Twenty years from now you’re going to be in the history books for being on the right side of the issue.  Here’s a great comprehensive look at the whole K&S take down.

There is some good DOMA news. The Respect of Marriage Act (which would repeal DOMA) looks like its gaining momentum in Congress. It will likely garner enough votes to make it out of committee and on the Senate floor for debate an vote.

This video of director Kevin Smith (Clerks, Dogma, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, Red State) marrying two hockey-loving bears was just too cute to pass up.


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  1. The female judge/women’s rights comparison is very apt. I hadn’t thought of such an intelligent way to put it.

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