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Christian radio personality Nashanta Robinson is a Philadelphia video blogger and host of the show Speak Up and Loose Your Voice on Robinson is also a former aspiring hip hop artists who once had Lil Kim on her list of influences, but later transitioned to Christian rapping.  She ultimately left hip hop behind completely for Christian punditry. And of her own admission on her show she’s ranked number 90 amongst 2,000 or so shows on, so apparently she’s being heard. She’s also featured on two Web sites, here and here.

Robinson recently did a show called “A woman’s rightful place” where she discussed homosexuality and how she thought it was wrong based on scriptures from the Bible. She calls homosexuality a choice and the point of the show is that a woman’s place is with a man.

Her show is basically based on random thoughts that God have “given” her. She rails against a certain topic for half an hour and pretty much perpetuates the “angry black woman” stereotype. And she claims her hateful speech is justified because she’s doing “Gods work.”

After her “A woman’s rightful place” show she went on her YouTube page and added a video-extension to the show called “New Freaky Boiz Girlz be Gagging (response).” She had seen the latest video “Girlz be Gagging” by the Freaky Boiz (a group we’ve exclusively interviewed here on Queer Corner)  and it offended her to her core because as she claims, this signifies “the gays are going to be infiltrating hip hop soon.”

The video received nearly 500 pages views and a plethora of comments were posted against her vile and judgmental criticism of the group becasue the boys are gay.  She has since taken the video response down. Apparently she couldn’t take the heat. But she did do another radio show, this time called “Sin is Sin,” about her response video to the Freaky Boiz. It was another ramble fest. She calls homosexuality a sin and compares it to other sinful acts like adultery and pedophilia.  She also reads a few of the comments that were posted against her on the video and uses the Bible to combat them.

We’ve discussed the lyrics of Freaky Boiz here on Queer Corner before. The issue with Ms. Robinson’s anti-gay diatribes aren’t becasue she disagress with the lyrics. There are many people in the LGBT community who disagree with FB’s explicit descriptions of gay sex. The problem is that she and many other religious leaders like to claim they are not bullies becasue they care about the people their judging and are just trying to save them in the eyes of God.

I definitely call foul on this philosophy. Just becasue you have great intentions or you mean it in a nice way, persecution is persecution. And statistics show that teen suicides are higher in conservative areas of the country where religion is often used to perpetrate bigotry.  Nashanta Richardson, Joel Osteen, T.D. Jakes, Eddie Long, and any other pastor or religious person who advertises their views that homosexuality is a sin and that gays are going to hell are bullies.

It has been proven by the leading psychiatric minds and associations in America that persecution of gays in the church leads to mental disorder and sometimes suicide. And gay teens are four times more likely to commit suicide then their straight peers because of anti-gay bullying, bullying that often comes from the pulpit and mouths of “Christians.”  It’s time these “Christians” start taking responsibility for the fatal damage their hateful message against gays is causing.

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  1. Well -well -well, the things you read about yourself on the net. First, the basis of any good reporting must be based on facts…and spell check. (lol) Don’t worry I published a few typo’s too in my day.
    Anyway, the world has transformed their beliefs to something God never intended. If you listen closely to the Abuse:Abnormal Use episode I was convicted about my comments because I didn’t speak in love about the video. Sometimes my approach may be harsh but my intent is to educate. I took my video down because I created it in anger not in the true spirit of love and for education- and that was wrong. It had nothing to do with the “heat”. I speak explicitly about what the music industry is becoming and i don’t like it. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs- and I stand firmly on mine.

    In addition- I have heard about the children committing suicide but that deals with an identity crisis. That type of spiritual/mental attack requires prayer. It’s not because Christians say homosexuality is a sin like any other and requires repentance. It’s because of an internal conflict. For those children I will begin praying that they find love, and peace, and let God work in them. Sincerely.
    PS- Don’t use my pictures without my permission.
    Thank you.

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