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A quick roundup of this week’s gay happenings…

Video of the Week: Following Apple’s tear-jerking It Gets Better video, the employees at NBC recently released their own addition to the It Gets Better Project.

White House to host first ever transgender meeting.

Malaysia officials rounded up 66 teenage male students who were deemed effeminate and sent them to a government sponsored camp because it was feared they “could end up gay or transsexual”. A petition is circulating around the world to have the “Sissy Boot Camps” shut down.

Because of the hateful anti-gay views Donald Trump has spewing since he announced he’s “running” for President, GLAAD has issued a call-to-action asking the LGBT community and its allies to boycott all Trump-owned entities.

Pulitzer Prize winner Cynthia Tucker penned this amazing column, Eddie Long: homophobe, narcissist, con artist, about mega-church Pastor Eddie Long. He’s the extremely anti-gay and married pastor who made headlines recently for allegedly having affairs with multiple male members of his congregation.

French-based HIV/AIDS awareness organization AIDES has released another campy video about safe sex. This time featuring Willy the Tourist.

A federal judge ordered NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg to restore funding to HIV/AIDS Services Administration. He was going to cut 254 employees from the organization, but it was found that such a large cut would be unconstitutional. So, the administration filed suite and they won!

Houston’s Fox affiliate Fox 26 recently featured a discussion that included American Family Association right-wing, nut-job Bryan Fischer discussing Glee and how it’s making TV too gay. The reporter even ridiculously states that the show is using homosexuality as product placement. Really!?

The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas forcibly barred a transgender women from the hotel for life after she used their ladies restroom this week. But shortly after the story went viral and was then printed in Las Vegas Weekly, the hotel issued an apology and said the transgender guest was welcome back anytime. She says the apology is insincere and she won’t be returning.

I’ve mentioned Tennessee’s new “Don’t Say Gay Bill” before. It would effectively ban teachers in elementary schools from talking about homosexuality. Here the bill’s sponsor Senator Stacey Campfield (R-TN) talks idiotically about the bill’s merits. And here Washington Post columnist Alexandra Petri writes about how idiotic the bills is.

Tennessee is on an anti-gay roll. A bill that would ban cities in the state from passing anti-discrimination bills that include sexuality has been passed in the house. If signed into law it would resend a recent Nashville ordinance that was passed that added sexuality to the city’s anti-discrimination laws.

Loved this video about discrimination within the gay community. It’s an issue that we never talk about, but so needs to be addressed.

Gay Bashing Report: Vigil honors gay hate crime victim in Austin | Utah man assaulted outside Salt Lake City gay club | Thug beats up gay man in London over his shorts | Canadian lesbian awarded $22,000 over anti-gay tirade by comic | Convicted Kentucky gay basher faces delay in sentencing, hate crime determination | Thugs targeting men coming from gay bars in NYC’s West Village, police say

Openly gay former NBA star John Amaechi recently spoke in depth with David Pakman on the radio show Midweek Politics about the Kobe Bryant controversy, gay NBA players and more.

Speaking of meat-head athletes, an Atlanta Braves coach has come under fire for yelling anti-gay slurs and making inappropriate sexually suggestive gestures at a group of fans during a game last week in San Francisco. He’s apologized, but is still under investigation.

A male student at Riverview High School in Florida was kicked out of class for wearing high heels.

Killer Queen: The Story of Paco the Pink Pounder is a new play being staged in NYC about the the trials faced by an out gay boxer.

In a new memoir, Cary Grant’s daughter Jennifer says he was not gay, despite the barrage of evidence by Hollywood historians that he was.

Elton John and his modern family were recently featured in an in-depth segment on 20/20. Here’s Part 1 and here’s Part 2.

Here’s an interesting interview with out MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow. She talks about why she’s out and why she thinks a certain famous news anchor should also come out.

Famous gay filmmaker Malcolm Ingram (Small Town Gay Bar, Bear Nation) is making a new documentary called Continental, about the famous bath house in New York city during the ’60s that saw such guests and performers like Bette Midler, Barry Manilow and Patti Labelle. But he needs your help. He’s raising money for the project on Kickstarter and must raise $20,000 by May 11.

Photo of the Week: Model Bak Jea Min at a recent Guess underwear fashion show.


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