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The Final 3! Raja, Alexis and Manila

The Season 3 finale of RDR was extremely predictable and didn’t include a single moment of surprise, but it was really touching to see these three drag queen Amazons finishing out the RDR journey together.

The episode was filled with stock RDR moments. From the final three queens geeking out over being in a Rpaul music video (that she just happened to be working on as the final was approaching) to the forced emotions that come with Ru’s annual one-on-one tic tak luncheon with each queen to the trim three panel judges deliberation featuring Ru’s stock “this decision is so hard” moment when we already know who’s she’s going to pick.

For the finale the queens had to channel their inner goddess for Ru’s new music video for her single “Champion.” The queens were shown folding under the pressure as a weird looking choreographer and hot head director yelled at them every chance they got for every little mistake the girls made. Then they took to the runway for the grand finale, where Ru had to girl stand on the stage alone name a pro and con about themselves each of their competitors. After sufficient shade was thrown Ru finally brought back the girls to crown the winner.

Alexis was sent packing first taking third place. Manila and Raja then took the stage for the final lip sync after which Ru finally crowned Raja the winner, with Manila taking second runner up. (Which gave us the best quote of the night. “I’m first runner up so maybe if Raja dies of old age I’ll get the crown.”) But seriously, was anyone NOT expecting this???

Next week is the drama-licious reunion episode! Can’t wait!

Congrats Raja!

Favorite Moment: The girls’ emotional interactions throughout the episode were cute. It was great to see Raja finally giving Alexis the credit she deserved. Although I wasn’t a fan of Alexis going in on Manila for being annoying. She wasn’t nearly as annoying as Mimi Imfurst or Shangela (just saying).

Runway Pick: I actually thought Alexis looked the best she’d ever looked, but it didn’t matter what she did this week. Girl wasn’t going to win.

The Next Drag Super Star: Just for the record, I so called it!

Untucked: I loved when the girls went through their memories of the girls who’d left before them. It was so ridiculously staged, but it did produce some pretty hilarious shade and was a nice reminder of who all the girls were from the season for the reunion episode next week.

Missed the episode? You can catch full episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race and Untucked online at

BONUS: Here a video from a recent surprise visit the finalist took to the NYC LGBT Youth Center. It’s too adorable for words.


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