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Glee finally returned this week after a hiatus and featured an episode heavy on Sue Sylvester’s evil plan to destroy the McKinley’s New Directions. She gathers a trio of henchmen made up of Dustin Goolsby (played by the adorable Cheyenne Jackson), coach of the club’s rivals, Vocal Adrenaline; the ever campy Sandy Ryerson; and Mr. Shu’s conniving ex-wife, Terri, to help do her bidding.

While Sue is plotting, Mr. Shu and the Glee are planning a benefit concert to raise money for their trip to the Show Choir Nationals in New York, an idea from Mr. Shu’s new girlfriend, substitute Holly Holliday (the incomparable Gwyneth Paltrow returns). The kids have to raise $5,000 for the trip because the money they were supposed to get for the trip from the Cheerios has been tied up in offshore accounts by Sue. The concert, titled “A Night of Neglect,” is supposed to feature songs by neglected artists. Sunshine Corazon (Charice) randomly shows up to help with the benefit, but when it comes down to it, ditches them on the night of the show (courtesy of Sue and her henchmen). As a result only six people show up to the concert, four of which are hecklers sent by Sue.

Also in the midst of all this drama, while Kurt is showing Blaine around at McKinley before the concert they are verbally attacked by closeted football brute Karofsky. However, Santa shows up with her sharp wit to save the day. Emma reveals to Mr. Shu that her hubby (John Stamos) has filed for an annulment and the two share a nice moment of obvious foreshadowing. And in the end Holly dumps Shu and heads off to a teaching gig in Cleveland, but not before reminding him that he’s still in love with Emma.

Oh, and there was this ridiculous side story about the school’s trivia team, made up of some Glee kids, and the New Directions also helping them raise money so they could too get to nationals. Sandy ended up donating his drug money to pay for the New Directions and Brainiacs’ trips to nationals because he was touched by Mercede’s Aretha showstopper (more on that later). This of course was to Sue’s displeasure.

And that’s what you missed on…GLEE!

Fave moment: I loved, loved, loved the scene when Santana comes to Kurt and Blaine’s rescue when Karofsky accosts them in the hallway. It was nice to see her sharp tongue used for some good.

Annoying moment: I love me some Gwyneth, but that “Turning Tables” wasn’t exactly turning any heads. Her voice is so not Adele material.

Fave quote: Couldn’t choose, so here’s two.

“Sandy, how do you manage to enter a building without setting off all the fire alarms.” ~Sue Sylvester to new henchmen Sandy Ryerson

“O.K., see here’s what gonna go down. Two choices. You stay here and I crack one of your nuts, right or left that’s your choice, or you walk away and live to be a douche bag another day. Oh, and also I have razor blades hidden in my hair.” ~Santana to Dave Karofsky after she catches him bullying Kurt and Blaine

Fave song: Charice’s “All By Myself” gave me goosebumps, but it was Amber Riley’s Mercedes who brought down the house with her brilliant rendition of Aretha Franklin’s “Ain’t No Way.”

You can watch full episodes of Glee here.

And as a primer for next week, here’s a couple preview vids for “Born This Way,” which will be a super-sized 90-minute episode.

Here’s the stock preview clip that ran after this week’s episdoe:

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at “Born This Way” with some cast interviews:

Here’s the full Warbler’s rendition of “Somewhere Only We Know” (Does this mean the end of Klaine!?):

And here’s a clip from the ep. where the kids discuss their body image issues:

Can’t wait for next week! Can you?


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