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In preparation for the big finale next week RuPaul hosted a special recap episode of RDR this week. Recapping a recap sounds ridiculous so I shan’t be doing it. But I will countdown my Top 5 fave moments from RuPual’s Drag Race Season 3. Sound off in the comments below to let me know which moments captivated you the most this season. Also let me know who you think is going to win and why. I’ll have more on my pick to win later.

5. The return of Shangela Laquifa Wadley. As you well know, I wasn’t exactly a fan of RuPaul’s decision to bring back the “keep-it-real” southern girl, but I have to admit, bringing Shangela back may have been the best thing that happened to RDR. (Did I just say that?!) Shangela’s return provided the amazing Raja vs. Shangela verbal showdowns that gloriously pervaded the season. And though it pains me to say it, Ms. Wadley’s mouth is television gold. “Hallelu!”

4. Stacy Layne Matthews during “Queens in Space.” My love for Stacy runs deep, and I so don’t think she got her due at all this season. (I don’t care what anyone says, the girl is fierce!) But she really showed her stuff during the “Queens in Space” episode when the queens had to participate in shooting a horrid science fiction B-movie remake. Stacy gave some “Judi Dench realness” that stole the show.

3. Mimi Imfurst nearly kills India Ferrah. During the final lip sync between Mimi and India on the “Totally Leotarded” ep., Mimi apparently had a psychotic break, because she picked up India and began swinging her around like a pinwheel. This caused India to literally scream for her life. And after RuPaul’s response, “Drag is not a contact sport,” another Ru-ism was born.

2. Raja and Carmen Carrera’s porno lip sync. During the “Frocks in Jocks” ep. (more on that later) Raja found herself in the bottom two for the first time, with fellow “Heather” Carmen Carrera, and things took a turn for the elicit. The lip sync turned into a strip show, and then a peep show as the queens began writhing sexually on the floor together, which coincidentally had the straight jock guests going crazy in the Interior Illusions Lounge as they watched live. And an unforgettable RDR moment was born.

1. “The Snatch Game” and “Jocks in Frocks” episodes. For a while  I was resigned to listing “The Snatch Game” as my favorite episode. Raja as a kooky, cock-eyed Tyra Banks. Alexis as a gay Alicia Keys. And Stacy (in another scene stealing performance) as a hungry Monique, circa Precious. RDR perfection. However, that all changed when five muscly men joined the show and stole my heart on the “Jocks in Frocks” episode. When the queens had to transform some sports fiends into drag queens, and the jocks actually took it seriously, and then emotionally toward the end, I fell in love with RDR all over again.

Honorable mention: The RDR Season 3 judges. Vanessa Williams. Johnny Weir. Fantasia Barrino. La Toya Jackson. Margaret Cho. Sharon Osborn. Lily Tomlin. Wayne Brady? And the lovably foul mouthed Michelle Visage. The star power and witty repartee this year was too much. And I mean that in a good way.

Who Will Win: I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, RuPaul’s Drag Race is won on the runway. Lord knows I love Alexis and Manila, but this year Raja dominated the runway. She took drag queen couture to an entirely different level. She also had a killer sense of humor, the perfect amount of bitchy wit and even a bit of heart (as shown during the top four why-should-you-win moment). It all adds up to one thing. A queen that can’t be beat. (But don’t take my word for it, tell me what you think!)

Missed the episode? You can catch full episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race online at

Don’t forget to comment below with your fave moments in the comments and who you think is going to win!


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