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Raja, Yara, Alexis, Manila

If last week’s episode of Drag Race was the most entertaining ep. of the season, this week’s was definitely the most emotional. All four of the queens broke down at some point during the show, as each fought to make the coveted Top 3.

Ru starts off the show with an episode of “RuVC” for the Mini Challenge. The gals had to come up with full QVC-style segments selling something from their drag closets. The end products were pretty well-produced. The Mini Challenge got a production value upgrade this week, but I wish they had shown each queens’ creative process a bit more. My fave was Manila’s Man-Ila Spray, but Ru chose Yara’s ridiculous hair piece/table top cleaner debacle as the winner. (In hind sight this may have been the kiss of death.)

For the Main Challenge, excess was the name of the game. Ru instructed the girls to come up with three looks all made out of fake money. A swimwear look, a cocktail dress and an extravagant evening gown. Since Yara won the Mini Challenge she was given an extra million dollars to use on her dress. But that’s not all, they also had to open the runway show with a dance number, choreographed by Yara, since she won.

The pressure of all they had to get done this week sends Alexis to the brink and she starts packing her stuff and even briefly quits the competition. But she comes to her senses and eventually returns.

The girls hit the runway, with LeToya Jackson returning as a guest judge, and they all look fierce. There were bad comments flying around like crazy on the judges panel, but all I saw this week was eleganza.

In the end Manila won the Main Challenge, while Yara and Alexis were forced to battle it out in the lip sync. During which Yara stripped down and then broke down and started crying, which apparently didn’t impress Ru because she was eliminated. And then Alexis broke down in tears as Yara was sent packing. The whole lip sync was crazy emotional, even the judges were tearing up, and I also dropped a couple tears when Yara finally left the stage.

Favorite Moment: The fourth breakdown came from Raja. During the runway segment Ru asked the queens to tell her why they should win. Raja spoke about her struggles growing up and how she wanted to use the crown to be a role model to gay youth. It was definitely one of the show’s most touching moments. And probably sealed Raja’s victory.

Runway Pick: This week really showcased, once again, how much of an art form drag really is. The intricacies on all of the girls’ money-clad evening gowns was sickening. My favorite piece was Raja’s evening gown, but the judges chose correctly. As a whole, not one of Manila’s three looks was a disappointment.

My Pick to Win: As I’ve been saying for quite some time now, Raja is going to win Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 3, but I must say Manila and Alexis are definitely giving Ms. Raja Runway a run for her money.

Untucked: The Untucked episode this week was pretty tame. It was nice to see Manila and Raja actually giving a compliment to someone that wasn’t a “Heather.” And I really wish Alexis had more conviction and confidence going into the Top 3. I thought she was the most consistent this season. I also think that the judges focusing on the “problems” with her body so much was unfortunate and ultimately damaging for the younger gay viewers who look up to these girls. I have to say though, I’m loving the Top 3. If you took Manila’s personality, Raja’s fashion sense and Alexis’ s styling/hair-makeup skills you’d have one fierce drag queen.

Missed the episode? You can catch full episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race and Untucked online at


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