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Antonin Stahly and Salim Kechiouche

The Sting is a new foreign-language film by writer-director Mehdi Ben Attia that’s getting some major backing from popular LGBT film distributor TLA Releasing.

Here’s a synopsis from TLA:

Class, cultural and sexual differences are explored in this torridly romantic drama co-starring an Italian superstar from the past: Claudia Cardinale. Set in arid Tunisia, tall, quiet Malik (Antonin Stahly), a 30-year-old Parisian architect, returns to his homeland after the death of his father. He’s greeted warmly by his over-bearing, petulant mother (Cardinale) and is immediately confronted with her expectation that he stay and get married. This now strange world of his youth, his mother’s pressure and his barely hidden homosexuality set off anxiety attacks in Malik, who finally finds relief when he meets the darkly handsome handyman, Balil (Salim Kechiouche, Full Speed, Grande école, 3 Dancing Slaves). They begin a tentative relationship, but Islamic mores, a still class conscience society, and the ever-presence of his mother threaten their young love. Le fil is a forbidden love story as well as a character study of people lost in rapidly changing cultures.

The film’s reviews have been mediocre, but it’s said to offer an interesting look at the dichotomy between racism and homophobia that exists in other countries. But you can decide that for yourself, the film has just been released on DVD and is available for purchase at TLA’s Web site.

Check out the film’s trailer below:


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