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Yara, Matt and Manila


That’s really the best way to describe the amazingness that was RuPaul’s Drag Race this week. It was funny, it was fun, there was shade (and not just from the queens), there was emotion, there was heart, there was my girl Margaret Cho (I’ve seen her live, she’s amazing!) and there was enough double entrees to fill a dirty baseball dugout. It was RuPaul at it’s best. But let’s not get ahead of our lady-boy selves. Here’s your weekly RuPaul rundown…

RuPaul opens with the big reveal. Carmen Carera is the lucky queen that gets the coveted second chanced Ru announced last week. (More on that later.) Then on to the Mini Challenge where the queens had to take turns in a dunk tank. Alexis dunked Yara the most (sounds dirty) and won the challenge.

The main challenge was a remake of past seasons final five where the girls had to turn butch lesbians into drag queens. This year (much to the pleasure of myself and many others I’m sure), Ru introduced five studly straight jocks that the queens had to turn from built to bodacious. And in the image of their own drag personalities.

The queens definitely had their work ahead of them. These studs definitely had some rough edges that was going to take more then sandpaper to smooth out. And in ridiculously unnecessary twist, Ru had to the girls also turn the studs into cheerleaders and create a cheer for safe sex.

Hilarity ensued as the transformations began. “Manly men” tripping about in heels, feeling up fake boobs, gawking at the technicalities of “tucking.” It was too funny and totally made the episode.

But because of fashion missteps with the sister queen, Raja landed in the bottom two for the first time and had to battle it out with Carmen during the lip sync. During the lip sync it got kinky when both girls started stripping, Carmen all they way to her va-jayjay, and writhing provocatively on the floor together. Another reason why this show was epic. In the end Carmen ended sashaying away, for a second time.

Did anyone else feel like bringing Carmen back was a complete waste? Personally I was hoping for Delta Work or Stacy Lane Matthews. I would have loved to see the queens gag at Stacy walking through the door. That would’ve been television gold.

Alexis and her "jock," Slava

Favorite Moment: Where do I even begin? The “Jocks in Frocks” idea was too brilliant. And I loved how these straight dudes were so cool with hanging out with the gays. The gawking was always at the fact that technical issues of drag (makeup, heels, tucking) and never at the fact that the guys were gay. And I loved that Carmen’s “jock” went on the show in support of his brother who’s having a rough time with coming out. I’d love to know what his brother thought of the episode.

Runway Pick: As much as I loved the “jocks” for doing this, I don’t think any one of them looked good in drag. Even Alexis’s partner (the pair that won the Main Challenge) didn’t look like a real drag queen. They all just looked like dudes in dresses to me. But I thought that Alexis (the short feather dress) and Manila’s (she gives the best hair and makeup always) personal looks were amazing.

My Pick to Win: Even though she almost went home, I’ll still say Raja. But tonight was the first time I thought that Alexis could pull an upset. (Wouldn’t it just be hilarious a “booger” won. Seeing Heathers’ gagging at the reunion show would be worth it all.

Untucked: Seeing all the “jocks” in the room going crazy over Raja and Camen’s porn-tastic lip sync was hilarious. They didn’t know what to do with themselves. I loved it. And they all got really serious when it came time to the final judgment. It was nice to see that they were really taking their time on the show seriously. And Alexis’ water polo “jock” was totally bi-curious, right? I’m with Yara. That was the definitely the first time he’d put on heels. “The first time today!”

Missed the episode? You can catch full episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race and the Untucked online at!


Comments on: "RuPaul Recap: ‘Jocks in Frocks’" (2)

  1. Melanie said:

    I HEART this episode too!!!! The straight guys were so secure with themselves and went with it the best they could. Matt was SSSOOO funny to me and I’m glad that they won…even though Manilia sorta works my last one with the ‘Heathers’ stuff. I don’t know what Raja was thinking, I was really disappointed in his choices. He could have easily done a Joan Crawford shoulder padded, long gown with a side slit that would have complimented his sister’s body. While he could have served a bit of Greta Grabo.

    I think the judges brought back Carmen to give her a chance to show what else she can serve. She served the same ol’ dish…body. I agree with Michelle “…she was in it for herself.”

  2. Victor Yates, writer said:

    alexis’ drag makeover on her jock was the best…. i think raja is amazing but her look fell flat during this episode.

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