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This is old news at this point, but as I’ve reported before Maryland’s Congress pretty much killed a pro-gay marriage bill after it was making some big strides early on. Below is a video from with an interesting roundup about the fallout after the bill was killed in Maryland.

Indiana‘s Senate approved a gay marriage ban this week by a vote of 40-10 after the ban had already been passed in their House. The ban has to go through another round of votes in the state’s Congress before it’s put on a ballot for voters to decide.

Colorado’s civil unions bill cleared the Senate after two days of emotional debate. But was killed by a House panel after a party-line, 6-5 vote last night.

A hateful bill that was going through Montana’s Congress would have completely overturned all of the state’s pro-gay laws. Fortunately, the bill has stalled in the state’s Senate, and Democratic Senators there say it’s unlikely to make it to a full vote.

The Washington Legislature recently approved a bill that allows the state to recognize out-of-state same-sex unions. The bill passed in the Senate after already passing in the House and is on its way to the governor’s desk to be signed into law.

Good news for gays overseas. Liechtenstein parliament approves same-sex partner recognition.

There’s been a big hoopla this week about U.S. immigration officials putting a hold on deporting foreigners in bi-national, same-sex unions because of Obama’s announcement to no longer support DOMA. Well, after 48-hours of equality in this area, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has announced the “hold” is over.

Lastly, we end with some heartwarming news. I’ve mentioned this story before, about a gay Belgian couple who were involved in a surrogacy nightmare in the Ukraine that kept them from their son for over two years. Well, son and dads have finally been reunited, after a late intervention from the government there. Below is a moving follow-up on the family.


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