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Finally, an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race that makes sense. (I was beginning to wonder about you Ms. Paul. Christmas, nude shoots, live singing. For drag queens. Really???) Queens doing cray things with hair makes sense.

If you haven’t caught on yet, this week Ru had the queens constructing outrageously extravagant hairdos. In the Mini Challenge the five  remaining contestants had to quickly glue beach toys together to make a fabulous head piece, a challenge that Raja won (with crabs no less).

For the Main Challenge the queens had to take their hair teasing talents much further and create three different hair styles (a period look, a runway look and a fantasy/futuristic look). Many of the girls had issues up front, especially Shangela who conceded that her lack of experience with doing hair was giving her trouble. But then Ru came back and told them that they had to not only create three looks to go with their hair creations, but the futuristic/fantasy dress had to be completely made of hair. This of course throws the girls for a loop and all hell beaks loose. Manila nearly has a nervous breakdown and Yara, for some odd reason, starts loosing her mind and screeching and fluttering about the dressing room.(It was a strategic distraction ploy to knock the girls off their guard, according to Shangela. I just think she went crazy.)

The queens took to the runway, with special guests Fantasia (my girl!) and Wayne Brady (why???) and killed it. I thought this was fiercest runway show of the competition. And the full hair creations were nothing short of living art work. You can’t say these girls aren’t talented.

In the end it came down to Alexis and Shangela, who had to lip sync for their lives. And the God of Drag finally answered my prayers when she sent Ms. Wadley packing. But in a big (annoying) twist Ru ended the show saying she was going to have Santino and Michelle pick one queen to return next week. WHY!?!?!

Favorite Moment: The judges this week were a mess. First of all, Santino. I just couldn’t take any of his fashion comments seriously while he was wearing that outfit. A poncho and an over-sized cowboy hat, really? And Ru knew it too, which is why kept making fun of him, which she should have. And I did more than one spit take because of Wayne Brady’s naughty comments. He did know they were guys right? Michelle Visage was also in rare form and I loved it. (“I think that’s why Eddie Murphy gets into trouble.”) And I was just excited that Fantasia was there. Did anyone else perk up when she started singing. I was just waiting for her to take the stage during the lip sync and show them girls how it was really done! 

Runway Pick: How can you choose?! I was gagging over Manila’s bumble bee look, Yara’s scorpion hair piece and Raja’s overall rainbow concoction. At first I thought Raja was robbed when Yara won the Main Challenge. (I mean, didn’t it wreak of pity? It was her first win of the season.) But after looking back over the show, each of Yara’s three looks were very strong. Raja really only had two great looks out of three. 

My Pick to Win: (It’s time to get serious.) I still pick Raja to win though. The girl has been killing it all season.

Untucked: I think I’m falling in love with Raja. I don’t even care if she cheated. Per usual, the girls spend the Untucked episode bashing each others outfits, but my favorite part came at the end when Raja responded to Shangela leaving (“It was like a big weight had been lifted.”) and the big twist at the end of the show (“If Shangela pops out of a box again, I’m burning down the box.). She said exactly everything I was thinking.

Missed the episode? You can catch full episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race and the Untucked online at!


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