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Tim Bergmann and Sasa Kekez in 'Sasha'

Sasha is a German film written and directed by Dennis Todorovic that’s been making it’s way through the LGBT film festival to critical acclaim.

Here’s a brief description of the film from

Sasha (Sasa Kekez), confronted with the everyday prejudice of his homophobic immigrant family, struggles with his urge to come out. When his beloved piano teacher Gebhard Weber (Tim Bergmann) plans to leave the city, the young man is heartbroken. The only person in whom he can confide his feelings is his best friend Jiao. After a failed audition, Sasha swears never to play piano again, but a consoling telephone call from Gebhard changes his mind and causes a turn of events. The next morning all secrets are exposed and only his brother’s intervention prevents Sasha’s father Vlado from shooting Gebhard dead. But the gun still goes off…

The story definitely features the tired coming out arc that’s been done to death, but many are saying Todorovic’s stylistic portrayal adds new life to the genre. Sasha was released last year in Germany, but has just been given a DVD release in the U.S. You can purchase it here.

Here’s the trailer:


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