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Manila from 'RuPaul's Drag Race'

O.K., so I have to admit I squealed a little when RuPaul called Shangela up to lip sync for her life this week. But much like life, my hopes were dashed in mere minutes when Carmen was kicked off instead of Miss Keep-It-Real. But much of the show was like this, as once again I think Ru set many of the girls up to fail from the beginning of the episode.

This week Ru had the queens record a specific type of remake of one of her own songs and then they had to perform them live in front of an audience. (You’re going to make drag queens actually singing? Really???) Of course this made rest of the episodes a mess on wheels.

Manila won the mini challenge (Ru-sical Chairs to some of Ms. Paul’s songs) and was allowed to be the first to pick which genre she was to sing. She then got to pick the order in which the rest of the girls made their choices, which caused a cat fight within itself when Manila didn’t choose the “Heathers” (Raja, Carmen) to pick first. (One thing’s for sure, this show doesn’t lack in pettiness.) The choices were disco (Manila), pop (Yara), country (Shangela), reggae (Carmen), hip-hop (Alexis) and punk (Raja).

I personally felt bad for that record producer. But somehow he did his auto-tune magic, because a lot of the girls sounded pretty good once they took the stage. As I groaned above, missteps by Carmen and Shangela landed them in the bottom two lip-syncing for their lives and Carmen was left with the short end of stick. In the end it came down to performance (Shangela’s shtick) and looks (Carmen’s forte), and it looks like this year Ru is looking for a performer.

Favorite Moment: The judges kept raving about Raja’s performance (who won the main challenge), but my favorite performance was Alexis’. She told Ru she was going to give Lil Kim realness and that’s exactly what she gave. (My favorite quote of this episode came from Shangela. In reference to Yara’s singing she said, “Maybe tone is lost in translation.” I couldn’t stop laughing.) Oh yeah, and judge Michelle Visage flashed the panel! Although I must agree, I think those rubber breasts are a mess on any drag queen.

Runway Pick: I loved Manilas’ golden disco look and her makeup/hair was flawless!

My Top 2: Raja, Manila

Untucked: Why does Shangela get so bent out of shape when the girls come after her when Ru asks who they think should leave? She’s the one always telling people to keep it real and then when they do they’re just “throwin’ shade.” And I so agree with Raja. Shangela cannot be the next drag superstar. She’s well behind everyone else when it comes to aesthetic and technique. But Carmen was in denial when she said the judges had never given her a bad critique. The judges have been reading her about her only relying on her looks since she got there.

Missed the episode? You can catch full episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race and the Untucked online at!


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