Your inside connection to all the LGBT-related news that matters in Ohio and beyond!

A quick roundup of this week’s gay happenings…

Video of the Week: The Family Acceptance Project is an effort you must support. Like yesterday. A group of researchers at San Francisco State University have compiled some pretty appalling statistics about kids who are disowned by their families for being gay. In order to get this information out there and build awareness they formed FAP, which will feature a series of documentaries about families and how they’ve overcome the statistics. Below is the first. You may want to have a box of tissues on standby. It’s a tearjerker.

If you haven’t seen this video featuring a schoolyard fight where a bully finally got what was coming to him, then you may want to check your pulse. This isn’t exactly gay-related but it’s nice to see a bully get what they deserve. Here’s a followup from The View ladies. (I think Whoopi is way off base here.) And here’s an Australian newscast that features the mother of the bully. And for the record it’s been reported that the kid being bullied had been taunted by this group of kids for quite some time before he retaliated. The kid and the parents had even went to school officials, but nothing was being done. Both boys were suspended because of this fight.

Dan Savage and Terry Miller kick off their book tour for It Gets Better: Coming Out, Overcoming Bullying and Creating a Life Worth Living (in which I’m featured!) Tuesday in New York City. Dan has also started to hit the press circuit hard. The book was featured in Entertainment Weekly this week on The Must List and in a longer piece in their book section; and Time recently featured Dan in  their “10 Questions” piece. A profile on Dan that mentions the book will also appear on ABC’s Nightline Tuesday night.

DOMA update: On Wednesday Democrats in both houses of Congress officially submitted a bill to repeal DOMA | Lesbian couple’s lawsuit against DOMA is dismissed by federal judge | New polls show majority of Americans are for gay marriage

Uganda’s parliament plans to discuss “Kill the Gays” bill next week.

The gay teen suicide epidemic hits Ohio. A 13-year-old in Akron committed suicide Feb. 23 and it’s recently come out that the cause may be anti-gay bullying.

Gay Bashing Report: Police in England launch hunt for alleged conman who targets gay victims online | The arrests are piling up from a fatal beating at a Queens party last week because party goers thought the 18-year-old boy in attendance was gay | After being beaten up for being gay a Detroit man takes to YouTube | Man, 70, stoned to death for homosexuality in Philadelphia 2011 A.D. not B.C. | A Pay Pal account has been set up to assist with Brooklyn hate crime victim’s medical bills

Despite hosting an Anti-Bullying Summit at The White House last week, Obama has been sluggish on his endorsement of the Safe Schools Improvement Act.

A school void of anti-gay bullying? Where is this place? Heaven!? Nope, it’s at a high school in the U.K.

Montana ‘s House kills bill that would have gotten rid of an outdated law that criminalizes homosexuality in the state.

Progress: Delaware Supreme Court confirms lesbian mom is a parent, ending a seven-year custody battle. The case led the legislature to expand the state’s definition of a “parent” to includes gay and lesbian couples.

Speaking of progress, we’re one step closer to getting our first openly gay Supreme Court Justice.

The reviews for Kathy Griffin Wants a Tony are in. And they’re good. Looks like she’s well on her way to a nomination.

St. Patrick’s Day is the nation’s biggest theme party of the year. How can you keep out the gays? We do theme parties best!

In  response to Sassy Gay Friend, I give you Disappointing Gay Best Friend. (Why is this so me!? Lol)

Have you seen this!? Transgender woman wows judges on Thailand’s Got Talent.

Photo of the Week: The Glee kiss heard round the world. Also check out the below video featuring a group of Gleeks’ live reaction to the Kurt/Blaine kiss. It’s too cute to ignore.


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