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This week the Glee kids finally made it to the much-talked-about Regionals Tournament. But in twist of fate, orchestrated by Sue, they receive a cease-and-desist order from the writers of the song they’d picked as their showstopper for the competition. This inspires Rachel to suggest the club sing a totally original set list. So the kids all set off to write an amazing anthem before the competition, which is a week away

We get a few duds from Santana and Puck, and a catchy, if ill-written, tune from Mercedes. Mr. Shu then sits the kids down and makes them dig deep. A Sue bashing session ensues and the kids come up with their anthem, “Losers Like Me.”

Hellbent on keeping Finn for Prom Queen possibilities and in an effort to keep her enemies closer, Quinn befriends Rachel and agrees to write a song with her, in order to keep an eye on her and Finn. This results in a war of words between Quinn and Rachel over Finn, which leaves Rachel crying into her notebook as she pens Glee’s opening ballad for Regionals, “Get It Right.”

Over at Dalton Academy (which I had no idea is supposed to be in Westerville! Big ups to Central Ohio!), the Warblers are in a tizzy because Blaine has suggested they do a duet instead o his usual solo at Regionals. This is all at the prompting of Kurt, who complained to Blaine that the Warblers had turned into “Blaine & the Pipps.” The boys vote and decide Kurt should do the duet with Blaine. Earlier, in a very weird plot twist, Blaine’s bird dies and he sings “Blackbird” as an impromptu eulogy during a Warblers meeting. This is important becasue when Blaine approaches Kurt to practice their duet he confesses that her fell for Kurt while he was singing. And then….THEY KISS! TWICE! (Finally!)

Oh yeah, and The New Directions win first place at Regionals.

And that’s what you missed on…GLEE!

Fave moment: Of course the long-awaited Kurt/Blaine make-out moment! But other than that, the judges’ debate sessions after the competitions always delivers. And this time was ten times better because it included gay faves Kath Griffin and Loretta Devine!

Annoying moment: Apparently songwriting is really easy. Two chart-topping hits were written and produced in a week, by a bunch of 16-year-olds in Ohio. Really Glee writers?

Fave quote: Loretta Devine as a faux nun stole that scene. “I’m barley a nun. I just needed a place to stay and living in a convent definitely keeps me off the pole.” Classic.

Fave song: I have to admit I was love, love, loving these original songs. Rachel’s “Get It Right” was a perfect Taylor Swift/Leona Lewis-like ballad. And even though they were definitely taking a page from High School Musical handbook with “Losers Like Me,” I thought the uplifting lyrics and the upbeat tune was amazing. I was even feeling Mercedes’ “Hell to the No.” The lyrics were a mess, but it’s definitely something I would bop my head to in my car. As for the Warblers, I wasn’t really feeling the Kurt/Blaine duet on Hey Monday’s “Candles,” it just seemed like their voices didn’t compliment each others, like they did on their amazing rendition of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” I did enjoy their take on Pink’s “Raise Your Glass,” but that might only be because I’m totally in love with that song right now.

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