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So there went my last big girl. Yes, Delta Work was cast off Drag Island this week, making her the last big girl to be expelled. (I still think Ru had a conspiracy going against my full figured ladies!)

But despite Delta’s departure I thought this was the best episode of the season so far. The girls had to do stand-up routines and create a look that catered to their funny bone. And the resulting comedy show was pretty amazing.

The episode opened with a repeat from prior seasons, the “Reading” challenge, where each of the queens have to roast each other. A mini-challenge Shangela won, which gave her the power to choose the comedy show’s lineup. Carmen, Shangela (who also won the main challenge), Raja, Yara, Alexis and even Manila at times killed it out there. Unfortunately, Delta buckled under pressure and bombed on stage, which is why she was sent home.

Favorite Moment: I personally thought Raja’s stand-up routine was the best. She had the funniest and best written sketch with her Carrie riffs. “The last time I moved something with my mind it was in a hotel room!” I couldn’t stop laughing.

Runway Pick: My fave looks were definitely Raja’s Carrie interpretation and Manila’s skimpy Big Bird.

My Top 2: (We’re getting down to the wire so let’s change the top three to top two.) Raja and (I never thought I’d say this) Shangela. I must admit Ms. Wadley hit it out the park this week.

Untucked: Speaking of Shangela, am I the only one that’s sick of her? Please let me not be the only one. The girl was channeling the Wicked Witch of the West this week (and from the original, not the musical). She was plotting and scheming the whole show, and during Untucked she kept saying one thing about the lineup to the girls and another in her confessional, all the while giving that content evil smug smile. And I was totally done after her line at the end about executing her goal to get rid of Delta. For all her talk about “keeping it real” she definitely was throwing some serious shade this week.

Missed the episode? You can catch full episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race and the Untucked specials online at!


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