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Glee-cap: ‘Sexy’

“Let’s talk about sex baby!”

That definitely would have been the perfect song for the Glee kids to add to their repertoire this week, as the entire episode was dedicated to the horizontal tango. Gwyneth Paltrow returned as substitute teacher Holly Holliday, but this time instead of subbing for Spanish and Glee Club, she’s taking the school by storm with her unorthodox take on sex education.

We start with Rachel and Quinn re-joining the Celibacy Club because Rachel is focusing on writing original music and Quinn just doesn’t want to get pregnant again (though she’s secretly fooling around with Finn). The club is now run by Emma, who’s having bedroom issues of her own (we’ll get to that later). Mr. Shu learns that the Glee kids have no understanding of safe sex and decides to enlist Holly to teach the kids the most important points of sexual health through song. Taking Holly’s lead, the kids start confronting their sexual frustrations head on.

Lauren and Puck decide they’re going to make a sex tape in order to shot them to stardom, until they both discover that would be illegal becasue they’re underage. Brittany confronts Santana about their “relationship,” to which Santana replies with a love song for Brittany (Dixie Chicks’s “Landslide”) and then later declares her love for her by the lockers. But Brittany responds by telling Santana that she’s in love with Artie and doesn’t want to be with her, leaving Santana heartbroken.

That brings us to Kurt’s amazing storyline this week. The Warblers also decide to try sexing things up for regionals with Neon Trees’ “Animal.” The performance brings out Kurt’s inability to be sexy. Blaine then discovers Kurt knows nothing about sex, so he talks to Kurt’s dad who breaks down and gives his son “the talk.” He comes prepared with pamphlets and a chat about the importance of making sex special.

Lastly, Emma and her new husband Carl (John Stamos) meet with Holly about why Emma’s still a virgin even though they’ve been married for four months. It comes out that Emma is still in love with Mr. Shu and Carl decides to move out of their condo. Looks like they’re headed for a divorce, but it might be too late as the show ends with Mr. Shu and Holly deciding to start dating.

And that’s what you missed on…GLEE!

Fave moment: The Burt/Kurt stuff this week was golden. Loved the Baline/Burt chat as well. This was probably the gayest episode of Glee so far. (And this show out-gaying itself is a definitely no easy feat.)  When it was announced that Glee was doing a sex ed episode, a lot of people thought the show’s writers would go PC and shy away from the gay sex aspect. But they hit it head on. I would say the show talked about gay sex nearly as much as it discussed straight sex. Especially when you add the Brittany/Santana drama. I also loved how they presented a funny take on the abstinence-only versus a more direct form of sex ed.

Annoying moment: Not much. This week’s episode was pretty stellar. Although the writers definitely twisted reality (as they often do). There would have been more then some parent complaints for Ms. Holiday’s sexed up Joan Jett number “Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah).” Also by the end of the episode all the kids had landed in the Celibacy Club, which isn’t exactly realistic either.

Fave quote: Sam to Artie after Santana declares her love for Brittany in song: “Isn’t it great that our girlfriends are so close? I wish we were close like that.” I nearly did a spit take on that one.

Fave song: It has to be Mr. Shu and Holly’s sexy tango-fied rendition of Prince’s “Kiss.” Totally loved it.

You can watch full episodes of Glee here.


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