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I maintain my theory that RuPaul is plotting against my big girls! And this week proves it! Not only was the mini-challenge a nude photo shoot (obviously won by Miss Carmen “Body for Days” Carrera), but then she eliminated the second to last big girl standing, Stacy (who won the challenge last week), amidst  a week startlingly ugly ensembles. I’m just sayin!

O.K., my rant is over. I must admit I’m a little bitter about my girl Stacy’s departure. She was definitely my fave this season.

This week the girls had to create a couture outfit based on a cake that was assigned them by Carmen because she won the mini-challenge. They also had to decorate cakes of their own that reflected their personal style. (What is this? Top Chef? Ace of Cakes? I’m so confused.) Alexis and Stacy stumbled on their couture looks and ended up landing in the bottom two, with Stacy getting the final boot.

Favorite Moment: I loved Delta’s little moment at the beginning when she overcame her body image issues for the nude photo shoot. It sent out a great message that all body types can be beautiful. Also the little Heathers clique that’s formed between Raja, Delta, Manila and Carmen was too much. Apparently RuPaul’s Drag Race has turned into a scene from “Mean Girls.” 

Runway Pick: I personally thought they all looked a mess. And furthermore I thought the whole challenge was a mess. What does cake have anything to do with being a drag queen??? But I did like Yara’s look. I thought she was the only one that pulled off the perfect cake and couture mix with her red sequin/green vine number. I know everyone raved about Raja (who won the challenge), but I didn’t see it. I thought it looked tacky and unfinished, much like Alexis’ dress.

My Top 3: Yara, Manila, Raja. (They should just end the season now cause Raja is going to win.)

Untucked: It was definitely attack Shangela week on Untucked. Which I actually thought was somewhat deserved. Shangela has repeatedly been up in all of the other contestants’ faces yelling about what she thought of them. I was kind of irritated when she couldn’t take what she was dishing. She just got whiney and played the victim. And Raja hit the nail right on the head. Shangela was totally acting like a child. Especially when she got mad at the other girls for not taking up for her. That’s straight Recess 101.

Missed the episode? You can catch full episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race and the Untucked specials online at!

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