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I feel like I just went on a psychedelic acid trip, yet I don’t remember taking any LSD.

I’m not even sure what to think about the new “Born This Way” video Lady Gaga released this morning. I always get a little squimish when it comes to the birthing process (I nearly fainted just from seeing what was produced when my sister’s water broke when she went into labor for her first baby), so all the gross birth scenes throughout was a bit much for me. I did like the dance scenes and I thought the beginning montage about a new race free of discrimination was clever. You can tell she worked really hard on the symbolism in this video and it’s obvious that it’s specifically targeted at her lgbt fans, so I can definitely appreciate the effort.

Overall, I was somewhat disappointed. I was hoping she’d forgo all the Gag eccentricities and go for a more visual representation of the gay community, our struggle, our triumphs, etc.  There wasn’t anything blatantly gay about the video. I was expecting maybe two guys kissing at a gay wedding, maybe footage of a gay rights march, or even a storyline like Pink did in her “Perfect” video but showcasing a gay kid being bullied and then maybe subsequently being saved by Gaga in the end.

This apparently is the first of two music videos Gaga plans to release for “Born This Way,” one of which will filter its proceeds to an organization that works to end anti-gay bullying. Maybe the second one will be more geared towards the gay rights movement or an anti-bully message somehow.

Here’s the full video. Tell me what you think in the comments below.

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