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This week was Alcohol Awareness week at McKinley High, so what does that mean? Lots of rebelious drinking of course. Rachel throws a party for the Glee kids in order to “live” so she can write more meaningful songs. The party includes Brittany stripping, Santana being sloppy and a spin-the-bottle session that features a kiss between Rachel and Blaine. A kiss that leads Blaine through an episode of questioning his sexuality. He and Rachel go on a date the next day to see if there really is chemistry, much to the chagrin of Kurt.

Meanwhile, Mr. Shu needs to blow off some steam (because of the divorce and being rejected by Emma), so Coach  Beiste takes him to a honky tonk bar where he proceeds to get wasted and jumps on stage to belt a somehow perfectly in tune vocal. When he gets home he keeps drinking while grading papers and even drunk-dials someone. We find out the next day it was Sue (instead of the intended Emma) who plays his message for everyone to hear on the school’s loud speaker.

Principal Figgins has Glee do a song for the Alcohol Awareness assembly where the kids do Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok” and end up throwing up all over each other on stage, as they’ve now brought their drinking habit to school grounds. However, Figgins thinks it was all a part of the show and rewards the club instead of punishing them.

Mr. Shu’s and the kids’ humiliation prompts him to have everyone sign a “no alcohol” agreement, but it only lasts until after regionals. Oh, yeah, and after kissing Rachel while sober Blaine realizes he’s totally gay. But Rachel’s O.K. with it because the drama is great fodder for her song writing.

And that’s what you missed on…GLEE!

Fave moment: That party was a mess and the actors pulled off heightening their characters’ already heightened personalities to the umptenth degree. I love every minute of it! I know everyone in the blogosphere is saying they thought this episode was a mess because it glorified teen drinking and was insulting to bisexuals, but I thought it was a very realistic portrayal. High-schoolers drink, that’s the reality and I appreciated Mr. Shu being realistic about it and not just waving a finger and saying “don’t drink.” As for Blaine, the writing of that storyline was a little off, but what gay dude doesn’t go through a “bi phase” and come out truly gay on the other side? I mean, I did.

Annoying moment: What principal would approve a Glee Club singing Ke$sha at a high school assembly on Alcohol Awareness? Really!? Also I thought it was hella annoying how Blaine chose to date one of Kurt’s friends right in front of him when he knows how Kurt feels about him. I’m starting to think Blaine’s not good enough for Kurt and it’s time for Ryan Murphy to introduce another option.

Fave quote: Santana – “…a Rachel Berry party is not something I can do sober.” Brittany – “But it’s Alcohol Awareness Week.” Santana – “Precisely, and I am aware of how much fun alcohol is.”

Fave song: The dance routine led by Brittany during “Tic Tok” was amazing (did you seem them splits!?), but “Blame It On the Alcohol” was my fave. Mercedes and Artie’s duet, the amazing lighting, the dance routine and the leather-tinged black outfits, all came together perfectly and was just too fun to ignore.

You can watch full episodes of Glee here


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